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The Twin Cities area is often cited as having the best of the best in our people. We’re forward-thinking, we’re cultured, we’re active. This community tends to carry a lot of weight on those scales being that our readers prove to be both upwardly mobile as well as just plain mobile. Movers and shakers and goers. Athletes and active people are numerous, which is obvious in our local organized sports and recreation groups.

Toward the end of last year, we put out a call to the readership to let us know who our sports teams are, who’s playing, what’s being played, when, and how people can get involved. We compiled this issue and a whole section of our website to put all of the results of those surveys into central locations for you to find easily. Not surprisingly, much of what goes on tends to happen during the non-snowy months, so timing our Sports & Outdoors Issue for late April seems to hit a sweet spot in the sports schedule. There’s much to look forward to all year ‘round, both indoors and out. Levels of organization vary between casual meetup groups to pickup games to trying out to compete for different teams.

Once you’ve checked out what we have in these pages, we invite you to regularly visit our Lavender Sports Page at There, we’ve got a section of our website dedicated to scores, photos, stories, and news.

The Scoreboard has league-submitted scores for the various teams in our readership area (the Vixen football team is currently having a winning season as obvious on the website right now). You can find coverage of the recent games and tournaments in the Photos section, the photography is both taken by Lavender’s photographers as well as submitted by the teams and organizations. The Stories section gathers articles from our own pages as well as those highlighting various teams and players, leagues and organizations, games and fundraisers. And then there’s also the News section that includes both local and sports-related news from Big Gay News happening around the world.

If you have a team that you don’t see represented in this issue or online, let us know. We’d love to keep up with your activities and show off what you do to the rest of the community and greater society. In her “Playing for the Other Team: Catch-22” piece (page 24) Nell Gelhaus talks about how sports have been a safe haven for the rainbow community, a place to hide at times, and a crucial one at that. By dedicating this space and attention to the members and allies of this community, we’re assisting you in strutting your stuff and taking your talents and interests out into the spotlight where you belong. See you in the stands.

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