From The Editor: The Fit Hits The Fan

Photo courtesy of BigStock/MilanMarkovic
Photo courtesy of BigStock/MilanMarkovic

Photo courtesy of BigStock/MilanMarkovic

Now that the holidays are over and we’ve made those resolutions to work off those extra winter pounds, it’s high time to finally, FINALLY stick to those promises. Yes, I know it’s cold out and those leftover Christmas cookies look delicious. But we cannot stray! We must push on! Tight glutes are nigh!

What luck, then, that you’re reading Lavender‘s 2019 Sports & Fitness issue! Perfectly timed for those of you looking to get back in shape as the new year starts, we take a look at two gay-owned, Minneapolis-based health businesses: the queer-friendly Solcana Fitness, and the wellness-centric Jeromeo in the Loop.

We also meet the newly-formed Stonewall Dodgeball league, an arm of the Minneapolis chapter of Stonewall Sports whose inaugural season begins in January. We also have an updated Sports Directory for local sports leagues that are GLBT-friendly, from basketball to Quidditch.

2019 is already shaping up to be a banner year for our rainbow community, and we here at Lavender are happy to continue representing you. The best is yet to come, mark our words! Now throw those cookies away!

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