From The Editor: Summer Stylin’ And Profilin’

Photo by BigStock/monkeybusinessimages
Photo by BigStock/monkeybusinessimages

Photo by BigStock/monkeybusinessimages

Can you feel it? Snow be damned, summer is almost within our grasp! And as we dust off the patio furniture and break out the summer clothing, we need to not only figure out the best way to throw a little good ol’ fashioned shindig this summer, but look GOOD doing it.

And we know, fair readers, that you already look good. Y’all are gorgeous, let’s not be mistaken. But a change in season requires a change in style, and in our 2019 Summer Entertaining + Style issue, we aim to be your hookup to the latest fashion trends.

And on that note, we chat with fashion tastemakers from MARTINPATRICK3, Nani Nalu, and Mall of America style guru Sara Rogers on the hottest tips and styles for the summer season.

We also learn about the art of catering from Culinaire and We Cater To You, who know all about entertaining guests and sending them home happy.

If that’s not enough for you, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Twin Cities Goodtime Softball League, we profile two GLBT-themed book releases from the Minnesota Historical Society, we learn about the good folks of Lutheran Social Services’ Senior Corps, and our friend Carla Waldemar recaps her trip to lovely India!

So get ready to stash that winter coat, unleash the grill, and work on that killer tan! Summer is almost here!

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