From The Editor: Once Upon A Time In The North

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Pressmaster
Photo courtesy of BigStock/Pressmaster

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Pressmaster


It’s that time. You know you can’t escape it. You’ve steeled and prepared yourself for it, but, like always, it’ll get the better of you.

Winter is coming.

Luckily, I can use that line since it’s still technically en vogue with only one season of Game of Thrones left (do we seriously have to wait until April?!), but in the meantime, yes, winter is pretty much here and ready to kick our butts with all the snow and all the shoveling and all the frostbite and subzero temps and whatnot. Joy of joys!

But thankfully, thanks to our can-do, ya-you-betcha Minnesota spirit, the Twin Cities makes the most of the winter season with a plethora of awesome activities and diversions to keep the winter blues at bay. And that’s what our 2018-19 Winter What To Do issue is for!

Warmly nestled within these pages are tons of terrific and fabulous events you can watch or participate in either the metro area or Greater Minnesota, from art sales and comedy shows to snowshoeing and kite festivals. On top of that, we travel out west to learn about the awesome gay ski weeks held in Aspen and Utah for those of you looking to party Rocky Mountain-style.

Furthermore, our pal Bradley Traynor profiles the plant-based eats of Fig + Farro of Uptown, and Carla Waldemar soaks in the Southern charm of Atlanta, Georgia in her latest travel piece.

So yeah, even though we gotta bust out the scarves, jackets, snow pants, boots, shovels, hand warmers and every knit cap we can find, we’re gonna make the best of it. It’s just how we Minnesotans do things. And besides: as bad as our winters are, at least we don’t have to deal with White Walkers.

(Ugh, I mean seriously, we have to wait until April?)

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