From The Editor: No Other Way, No Day But Today

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Lapandr
Photo courtesy of BigStock/Lapandr

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Lapandr

As a former theatre kid and a musical junkie, to this day I always get excited about seeing stage productions. There’s nothing quite like seeing a Broadway musical, a powerful dance performance, or intricate and heart-pounding concert unfold on stage.

It’s that you-have-to-be-there sensation that makes theatrical and musical productions a must-see endeavor, especially in the Twin Cities. With winter almost out of our hair, it’s high time to get jazzed about the amazing shows set to wow us in the Twin Cities metro. And that’s what the 2019 Spring Arts & Dining Issue is for!

Check out our exhaustive list of spectacular shows and delicious dining destinations courtesy of John Townsend and Bradley Traynor, where our Arts & Dining Pairings match up the best restaurants to dine at prior to your showtime outing. We also meet Kevin Deese, a member of the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus who is also fighting for the rights of HIV-positive people in the military; we learn about the upcoming Patriot Erectors dance performance by dance veteran April Sellers; and we scope out the 2019-20 production season of the venerable New Dawn Theatre Co.

On top of that, Carla Waldemar takes a trip to the City of Brotherly Love, and Randy Stern gives us not one but two features for our special Auto Section. So as we prepare to say farewell to all this snow—maybe, no promises—get ready to plan for the night of your life on the town!

Editor’s Note: The article on New Gild Jewelers in the Jan. 31 issue of Lavender incorrectly listed the company’s address as 4250 Uptown Ave. S., instead of the correct address of 4250 Upton Ave. S.

The article on Radon in the Feb. 14 issue of Lavender incorrectly listed Joe Jurusik as a representative of the Minnesota Department of Health instead of Hennepin County Public Health. Lavender apologizes for the errors.

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