From the Editor: More Than Just a Number


I’m not a huge fan of math, but when I was talking about drag queens the other day, I pulled out the issue that had our dear Wanda Wisdom on the cover with some sailors from the Guthrie’s H.M.S. Pinafore production. That was my first full issue in 2011: #422, 100 issues ago. That’s more than 100 different editorial topics, 100 attractive covers, and 100 opportunities to shine a light on what this community is doing here in Minnesota and beyond. When I start looking at numbers, it becomes a slippery slope and I actually get a little giddy about them.

Throughout the publication of these 100 issues, 7,925 website stories have been published on If we were to put those stories into hard copy, that would be well more than double what we can give you in the magazine, itself. Big Gay News gives us pertinent headlines daily, arts pieces and sports stories are added, photo galleries of you at various rainbow events are showcased on a frequent and regular basis. The last 100 issues also coincide with the rise of the tablets and electronic publishing; Lavender Magazine was the first GLBT publication to be available electronically. Currently, there are 15,267 Newsstand subscriptions via iTunes, which means that many of our readers get Lavender handily delivered for free every two weeks to their iPads or iPhones. Look it up and join the crowd.

This issue shows off what’s available to us this summer in both Minneapolis and St. Paul as well as the surrounding suburbs. I grew up in the country, but my mother was raised in East St. Paul and my parents met at the University of Minnesota, so we were always coming to the Cities. Living in the country meant we had to travel to anything, whether it was a restaurant or a movie theater, a grocery store or our church. It also means that I don’t blink when I need to be across the metro area from one event to the next. Whether it be my Jeep or the light rail, I am ready to roll and see what these many Cities have in store for me. I hope you get out there yourself this summer. Go to one of the 229 events on our online calendar right now. Find our nearly 700 distribution locations where you can pick up a hard copy of Lavender. Join us at one of the summer First Thursdays.

Okay, I’ll stop with the numbers…after this: thank you for being one of the wonderful reasons I get to look back on 100 issues with such pride and joy.

I’ll see you out there.

With thanks,

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