From The Editor: It’s A Beautiful Day In The Gayborhood

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Gustavo Frazao
Photo courtesy of BigStock/Gustavo Frazao

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Gustavo Frazao

With all this nice, warm weather we’re having, it’s high time to head outside and meet the neighbors! With a community as sprawling and wonderfully diverse as the Twin Cities, it’s a fine time to get to know some of the local neighborhoods boasting a wealth of GLBT-friendly locales in the area.

Y’all may be catching your breath after Pride festivities, but the rainbow love is still there for you in the two special Gayborhoods we chronicle in this issue: the downtown hotspot haven known as East Town, and the Midtown Phillips/Powderhorn-adjacent stretch of East Lake Street. Both areas have a delightful selection of clubs, restaurants and shops that are all about supporting the rainbow community.

On top of that, we reconnect with the Spirit on Lake independent living community, and we look at a Day in the Life of Enticing Entertainment honcho Justen Pohl. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to meet the neighbors!

Finally, on a more bittersweet note, after seven years of incredibly dedicated service, Lavender editorial director Andy Lien will be saying goodbye to our publication. Andy has been rightfully received as a tremendous asset to our community in service to Lavender Media, serving for many years as managing editor prior to my hiring, and I’ll say without any doubt that Andy is a true testament to the values of hard work, compassion and leadership. Andy was and is a fabulous mentor and friend to me, and I look forward to seeing her blaze a trail in the next chapter of her professional life. Godspeed, Andy!

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