From the Editor: Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015


Happy New Year! Welcome to 2015. I hope your holidays were wonderful and you had a chance to recharge your batteries. Or buy new ones. I bet they’re on sale. So, as we give you an issue dedicated to what to do over these colder months, I’ll give you a “From the Editor” about what we’ll be doing the rest of the year. Even though it makes it feel more like a newsletter, this is really important stuff and it makes me so excited to be able to present it to you. It’s our Editorial Calendar for 2015. Bigger and better, it’s getting more detailed and including more people and subjects each year. We’ll have the usual columns and include every facet of the GLBT community that we have been, as well as adding to each topic as listed below. More Health & Fitness, more Senior Living, the introduction of issues about Sports, Money, and Vehicles, as well as more pets, families, weddings, Pride, style, and Home & Garden­­—all presented through the Lavender Lens.

But, still, take a look at it and see if you’ve got a story to share. Let me know. Do you have a remodel you just did with your partner that you’d like to show off? Did your wedding invitations just scream “style” as we haven’t yet seen it? Is your gym so welcoming to the rainbow community that you’d love to have more people know about it? Is your doctor about the best, most empathetic and helpful person you’ve encountered? Really, as I’ve said before, you’re our best resource.

Drop me a line to let me know if you’d like to be a part of one of our stories in 2015: [email protected]. After all, as it says on each of my pages in every issue, it’s Our Lavender.

With you and thanks,

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