From the Editor: Fancy Feasts


This Restaurant Edition hits some high points for this community, shining a light on what the data shows to be quite popular with our readership: nonprofits, new restaurants, and the arts. That we can hit a great food-oriented fundraising event for people living with HIV/AIDS, some new places to find fantastic food, and our dynamic drag queen brunches in one issue is sheer delight for me. When I travel to other areas and markets to become acquainted with some of what their GLBTA communities embrace and champion, I can usually find the fundraisers and cuisine, but I’ve got to say that we’ve got an amazing drag scene here in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Whether we’re talking drag queens or kings, the options we have for that segment of art and entertainment are enviable. I hope you enjoy this issue as much as we enjoyed putting it together.

Recipes-and-CookingOn the topic of food, I’d also like to ask for your input and assistance. Lavender Media is producing videos of recipes now. I know I’m not alone in that I tend to go catatonic as I’m scrolling through Facebook on my phone and I see a video showing food prep in my feed…they’re enchanting, they make my mouth water, and they help me with meal planning, no lie. So, as we move into producing these, please go check out what we’ve already done (my disembodied hands are very recognizable, I’m told) on Facebook in our videos section, on our website under the Recipes & Cooking tab, or on Vimeo when you search for Lavender Magazine. Then, if you have a recipe that you’d like to see featured or produced, send it to me at [email protected] with a little blurb about what it means to you and we’ll choose a few to produce as videos and publish in the Pride Issue. Please put “Pride Recipe” in the subject line. I can’t wait to see what you’ve got!

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