From The Editor: Fall’s Well That Ends Well

Photo by BigStock/Monkeybusinessimages
Photo by BigStock/Monkeybusinessimages

Photo by BigStock/Monkeybusinessimages

Every so often, we all need to get away. We need time off, we need a vacation, we just need a freaking break. Usually, when we think of refreshing and resetting, the first time of year that comes to mind is summer. The weather is warmer, school is out, and it’s a great time to get out and go exploring.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I greatly prefer the autumn season to summer. Yes, I know, it’s a harbinger of the impending winter and all that snow and cold, but be honest with yourself: isn’t the fall just… perfect? It’s not too cold to enjoy an outdoor excursion, but not too warm to deny yourself the pleasure of a flannel shirt and hot apple cider. The colors outdoors are beautiful, the mosquitos are retreating, Halloween hype is here, and I am all sorts of ready for it.

So when we think of taking a vacation or day trip, why not consider the fall as a prime contender for doing some adventuring? With Lavender‘s 2019 Fall Getaways issue, we explore several options to satiate your autumn travel cravings. Yours truly explores the GLBT history and culture of Philadelphia; Mike Marcotte offers up five restaurant and brewery patios to check out in Minnesota; we learn about the luxurious Rivertown Inn of Stillwater; and Carla Waldemar checks out the Paws Up Ranch in beautiful Montana.

On top of that, we look at a Day in the Life of one Karl Gustafson, and we celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Bisexual Organizing Project! So as fall kicks into full gear, don’t fret! Treat yourself to that autumnal adventure that you so greatly deserve!

Editor’s Note: The dates for the Fall Parade of Homes listed in the Aug. 29 issue are Sept. 7-29, not Sept. 9-27. Lavender regrets this error.

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