From The Editor: Come Sail Away, Come Sail A-Gay

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Suriyawut Suriya
Photo courtesy of BigStock/Suriyawut Suriya

Photo courtesy of BigStock/Suriyawut Suriya

As I type this, it’s a pleasant 46 degrees outside. My window’s cracked open. My winter jacket’s stashed away. It’s here. It’s here. SPRING IS HERE.

Patience is a virtue, Minnesota! Yes, we got more damn snow than anyone asked for. Yes, we had cold snaps so brutal that we all hated ourselves just a little bit. And yes, the combination of icy roads, slippery sidewalks, and terrible winter motorists would make even the most mentally fortified person go insane.

But we are strong! We are Minnesotans! And we have prevailed! And now that spring—and, eventually, summer—will give us the love we all deserve and earned, it’s high time to pack up the suitcases, book those flights, and give you our 2019 Spring & Summer Travel Issue!

Here we’ll be previewing the Stonewall 50/WorldPride celebration set to take place in New York this June in time for the 50th anniversary of the iconic Stonewall riots, and we also learn about VACAYA and Celebrity Cruises, two GLBT-friendly cruise lines that’ll give you the seafaring experience of a lifetime!

On top of that, Steve Lenius unveils this year’s Mr. Twin Cities Leather, Randy Stern takes a road trip through the Windy City, and our old friend Jen Parello returns with her brand new column “Everyday Drama”!

But enough of my yapping, get to reading! And then go outside, for God’s sake, spring has sprung! We made it!

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