From the Editor: Celebrating Love, Celebrating the Community


Celebrate Love! Lavender is rounding up our 2013 Pride coverage with this Pride in Pictures Issue that celebrates love as well as this community. This community united over marriage and remains celebratory in what we’re moving into: a post-marriage state, literally and figuratively. No, it’s not all said and done as far as the hows and whats of marriage equality, but the campaigns for same-sex marriage are over for Minnesota. What are we left with? So, so much.

Watching the Pride Parade, visiting the booths at the Pride Festival, seeing so many people out and about as they were celebrating this community…it was just a glimpse into how far-reaching this group of people actually is. And, it was an organized one.  As I watched the parade, I noted which organizations and corporations were representing themselves, which politicians and churches were showing their affiliation and support of the community, which performers and bars and restaurants and small businesses marched along with various themes and tchotchkes to throw into the crowd. What I was seeing was the community, in this post-marriage state.

Looking through these pictures in this issue, you may notice that there are some marriage-based thematic elements, but each of these groups represented in the Parade actually exist for other reasons: Music. Burlesque. Leather. Politics. Religion. Non-Religion. Sports. Food. Drinks. Sobriety. Cross-Dressing. Drag. Parenting. Pets. Fitness. Work. Commerce. Motorcycles. Anti-Bullying. Education. Health. Aging. Arts. Law Enforcement. Fire Fighting. Peace.

I watched the Parade and kept track on the Pride App on my iPhone, marveling at the number of entries and the breadth and depth of who and what they represent. This community. It’s what Lavender has celebrated every two weeks since 1995.

What a wonderful segue to introduce our next big project: The Lavender Community Awards (LCAs).

The Lavender Community Awards (LCAs) will be the updated version of the Lavender 100, last year’s tribute to our favorite places to go, things to do, foods to eat, places to be seen. We presented lists of finalists and winners as well as started a practice of giving attention to movers and shakers in the GLBT community, which became what I call a “keeper” of an issue; one to hang on to.  Instead of asking the community to vote for favorites this year, we’re going to focus on the people and ask for nominations as to who you think deserves recognition as members of the Lavender (GLBT and Allies) Community. We’ll have lovely photos of the winners, short biographies to let you know who they are and what they do, and all-around lovely representation of why this community is so unique and deserving of celebration.

Please go to and nominate your picks for the Lavender Community Awards. Nominations will be accepted through Friday, August 23.

Then, look for the new issue featuring the winners of the Lavender Community Awards on October 3.

Honestly, I can’t wait.

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