From The Editor: All Well And Good

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As I type this in mid-April, the latest snow shower in Minneapolis just ended on a 32 degree day, just a few days removed from an unseasonable 61 degree day that saw yours truly break out the “shorts and t-shirt” combo for the first time this year. In the background, the newest episode of Saturday Night Live played, featuring the cast members performing skits via webcam from their respective homes. Out of curiosity, I checked gas prices at stations around me, and I saw anything between $1.50 and $1.89 a gallon being listed. All the while, the novel coronavirus has continued to make life more difficult for everyone in every way you can think of.

The science fiction nerd in me imagines this as one of those high-concept scenarios where a bunch of different, unusual timelines and whatnot crash into one another, jockeying for position to become our prime reality, only for yet another bizarre happenstance to suddenly take center stage.

2020 is so freakin’ weird, man.

It truly is the strangest timeline, but right now, the most important thing we can do during this time of strife is to take care of ourselves and one another. Washing our hands, maintaining social distance, making the most of virtual communication to stay in touch with loved ones: all are hugely important practices meant to not only curb the spread of COVID-19, but for us to keep physically and mentally healthy while we hunker down during our quarantines.

In this, Lavender‘s 650th issue, we continue to look for ways that our community can love and support one another as the public health crisis continues. We chat with The Aliveness Project and JustUs Health to discuss the pandemic’s impact on those living with HIV/AIDS; we talk with NAMI Minnesota about how we can better nurture our mental health in these times of stress and uncertainty; and we learn how the public can help the nonprofit Avenues For Youth continue to shelter and advocate for youth dealing with homelessness.

As always, if you ever need to learn more about COVID-19 and how you can curb the spread, visit for news and resources. We’ll get through this, folks. This may seem like something straight out of sci-fi sometimes, but we are strong and we are resilient. We got this.

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