From The Editor: A Harvest Of Love

Photo by BigStock/tmarturano
Photo by BigStock/tmarturano

Photo by BigStock/tmarturano

You know, a lot of folks say that May is prime time for weddings. And it makes sense: the warm weather is back, the spring colors fancy up our surroundings, and spring just feels like a perfect time for fresh starts for our romantic hearts.

But what some folks may not realize is that the autumn season is equally fitting for tying the knot: after all, the extreme heat of summer has gone away, the beautiful colors are still there (but better!), and you get an excellent excuse to include hot apple cider (or hard apple cider, or both!) in the reception.

With Lavender‘s 2019 Fall Love & Marriage issue, we set out to prove that wedded bliss isn’t just reserved for the spring and summer: we profile veteran fashion designer Sean Bolte and his fierce designs perfect for that special day; we meet Maxine Britt and her up-and-coming gender-neutral clothing line Mx Apparel; we learn about why Burl Oaks Golf Club in Minnetrista can double as a perfect wedding spot; and best of all, we relive seven recent rainbow weddings, all in their beautiful, heartwarming glory!

We also follow Carla Waldemar’s trip to legendary Nashville, and we preview this year’s Minnesota Walk To End HIV on Oct. 12.

And before we go, don’t forget! You can nominate an individual, business, or nonprofit that has done great work for the local GLBT community for our annual Lavender Community Awards! For more information, visit and submit your nominations before Oct. 31!

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