From the Editor: A Year Later…

Here’s a question you might be wondering: Why do we publish our Spring issues in the Winter?

It’s interesting that people would think that if we’re supposed to be in the theme of an issue relative to the actual season of the year. However, we always like to plan ahead, and February is a great time to think about what to do in March, April, and May.

This was not a question I get from you…but, I always wondered myself the reasoning for publishing ideas ahead of the season.

It was one of those questions that have come up in the past year. In fact, this issue marks a year since I became Lavender Magazine’s Managing Editor.

It has been quite the learning experience. No one starts a position thinking they can change everything in the first 24 hours on the job. It takes weeks, months, even years to master it. I accept these challenges and learn from each one the best I can.

However, my vision for the editorial part of this magazine continues to grow and cultivate. One of my goals was to give the communities outside of the Twin Cities a greater voice. The Small Town and Community Pride issue from last May was a huge step towards doing so. I was happy to see how much of an impact that made on the communities we featured in that issue.

Still, there is more we can – and will – do. More stories to tell. More communities to reach. More people we need to profile.

Right now, what you need is to be entertained. You need to support the arts. You need new visions and perspectives. This issue has just a sampling of it all!

We start off with “The Prom,” now playing at the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre for a limited engagement. Then, we present the fashion stylings of Shimmer – all works of art. You can laugh along with local comedian Maggie Farris.

Then, there’s more theater! Take in great production up in Duluth at the Playhouse. Or, see “RuPaul Drag Race” stars Trixie Mattel and Katya perform here in Minneapolis.

With Valentine’s Day just a few days away, we have a few gift suggestions for your very significant other. Or, if you’re solo on that day, curl up and read a book from E.B. Boatner’s selections in this issue.

Not everything has to be in the right month for the right season. You can do so much now to prepare for the upcoming months ahead. Such as buying a ticket to the theatre or a show. Be a patron of the arts. You can indulge in a piece of couture before you hit the charity ball circuit. Or, all of the above!

After a year of being your humble Managing Editor, all I can say is “thank you” for your support. Let’s keep it going, shall we?

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