Holiday Gift Guide: Children and Family


I remember the excitement I used to get during the holidays. As a kid, this was the most important time of the year. I would spend hours flipping through the latest toy catalogs, bookmarking nearly every page. American Girl doll accessories, books, board games: you name it, it was undoubtedly on my list.

The holidays are an exciting time for the kiddos, but this wouldn’t be possible without the effort made by the adults. Make the shopping process as careless and fun for yourself as tearing through the sea of presents is for the young ones with this list of gifts for children and families.

1. Jetson Beam Electric Scooter
Target is known for openly supporting the rainbow community with its products, advertisements, and political statements, so they’re already a fan favorite for holiday gifts. With toys like the Jetson Beam electric scooter, they’ll be a favorite among the kiddos, too. Available in blue and black, this scooter is height adjustable and includes an LED light.

2. American Girl Doll Gabriela
If a kiddo on your list is interested in the wide world of American Girl, Gabriela might be the one for you. As the Girl of the Year, Gabriela comes with an inspiring story. Although she struggles with a stutter and bullies at school, she stands up for herself and others while doing what she does best: being herself.

3. In Our Mothers’ House
By Patricia Polacco, this book tells the story of Marmee and Meema, a lesbian couple, and their three adopted children. The story is told from the perspective of their oldest child who reflects on her adoption as well as the adoptions of her two younger siblings. Despite some disapproving neighbors, family and friends of Marmee and Meema are supportive and open-minded: a lesson for all kids.

4. Boys Will Be Good Humans Tee
Free to be Kids is a clothing company that delivers powerful, inspirational messages on its clothing. This “boys will be good humans” shirt challenges the “boys will be boys” saying that is so commonly used. Get it for the kiddo on your list who enjoys looking good and doing it for a good cause.

5. King and King
This book by Linda de Haan tells the story of a young prince who declares to the queen that he has never taken much of a liking to princesses. Take your kids along on his journey as he finds love at first sight with another prince. The two have a royal wedding and become king and king, which is something we can all celebrate.

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