From the Editor: Health or High Water

Photo courtesy of BigStock/MonkeyBusinessImages
Photo courtesy of BigStock/MonkeyBusinessImages

Photo courtesy of BigStock/MonkeyBusinessImages

Very recently, I decided to take charge of my life—albeit for the ninth or tenth time—and up my fitness game. Tired of being able to relax and eat delicious food and be all around not inconvenienced, I chose to sign up for membership at a local boxing gym. In years’ past, I did the whole “gym” thing on-and-off, but… meh.

But I thought to myself, “Boxing could be fun! It’s not like regular exercise and you get to punch things!” What’s not to like? Well, for one, it’s hard to like my body so enthusiastically turning on me as I took the intro class, whispering sweet nothings of pain into my sides and knees as I fought to keep up with my classmates in doing simple things like standing or not fainting. I am the pinnacle of dignity.

But the point is that maintaining our health is paramount, and that definitely applies to our rainbow community. For the 2018 Health Issue of Lavender, we’re presenting you with a number of great resources on how the GLBT community can stay healthy both physically and emotionally.

We’ll be profiling an upcoming Opportunity Conference courtesy of the Rainbow Health Initiative and the Minnesota AIDS Project, which will seek to advance GLBT health in both policy and practice. Also, a light will be shined on Uptown Dermatology and the subject of dermatological health for the trans community. Finally, a special Senior Living will focus on how GLBT seniors can maintain a healthy mind.

So to quote a certain daytime talk show host, take care of yourself, and each other. And keep an eye out for Lavender’s First Thursday events! On February 1, we’ll be at Wilde Cafe in Northeast Minneapolis. Hope to see you lovelies there!

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