Downtown Doggies Delight in Metro Dogs

Photos by Sarah Ernhart of Sarah Beth Photography
Photos by Sarah Ernhart of Sarah Beth Photography

Photos by Sarah Ernhart of Sarah Beth Photography

Amy Rosenthal knows how downtown doggies deserve to be treated. As the owner of Metro Dogs, the newly opened dog daycare and boarding facility located in the heart of downtown Minneapolis, Rosenthal is passionate about providing personalized care for every furry friend that runs through her doors.  Her excitement can hardly be contained as she exclaims, “I have a love of dogs right down in my bones!”Since November 2011, Metro Dogs has provided a safe, clean, and secure place for dogs whose owners live and work downtown. With top-notch security systems, innovative cleaning processes, and flexible hours, it’s obvious why professionals and urban dwellers entrust their dogs to Rosenthal’s care.

Rosenthal’s dedication to cleanliness led her to spend several months researching exactly how to make Metro Dogs a state-of-the-art facility.  Polyurethane flooring was chosen for its easy clean-up, and disinfectant hoses suspended from the ceiling allow for immediate cleaning action. An air-exchange system circulates smelly air out and clean air in, keeping the facility smelling fresh and clean.  The facility is kept so clean, in fact, that “you could eat off the floor here…well, almost.”

The daycare area allows dogs to play together based on their individual temperaments and play styles.  Dogs love the playground equipment, toys, and cots that are available for their use.  But it’s not all play at Metro Dogs; “Mind Your Manners” lessons are given free of charge, and all pups have a mandatory nap time in order to refresh and rejuvenate.

If you’re like Rosenthal and love your dog “more than anything in the world,” don’t worry about going through separation anxiety while you are separated from your beloved canine.  The playrooms are equipped with web cams so “when you’re at home or at your job (don’t tell your boss) you can waste time looking at your dog and see what the action is like on the Metro Dogs play floor.” Talk about providing owners with peace of mind.

Metro Dogs’ boarding services allow dog owners to not worry about the care of their animals while away.  Each kennel is equipped with privacy panels and a cot to keep the dogs stress-free and relaxed.  Dogs that are boarded get to participate in daycare activities and receive unlimited love from the staff members.  Rosenthal is truly dedicated to making the boarding experience a positive one, and she returns to the building every night after midnight in order to personally take each dog outside for potty rounds. Since the business opened, she’s never missed a night. “That way your dog is attended to 24/7.”

Many other services are provided at Metro Dogs, including free community information sessions, grooming services that are currently expanding, and free playtime sessions for service animals.  Rosenthal’s connections to non-profit animal organizations are direct proof of her love for animals.

Amy Rosenthal can’t keep her passion for her business a secret.  “Have you ever in your life wished that you could do something that would just make you so happy that your heart would burst? That’s how I felt about opening Metro Dogs. Because I had a corporate career going for 30 years, and although I was successful in that, I knew that my heart belonged elsewhere. It was with the dogs.”

And Twin Cities dogs are sure lucky to have captured the heart of Amy Rosenthal.

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