Doggy Daycare Dos and Dont’s

By Joe Wrglal

Today I’m going to explain how to pick and what to expect out of a doggy daycare. There are many different daycares to fit your dog’s needs and socialization level.

Geography is also an important factor, nobody wants to add more than ten minutes to their commute so pick 3-5 daycares and visit them without your dog. Notice smells and ask employees about toys, web cams, separate groupings, the size of the groups, nap time, kennel usage, and discipline.
So, where to start? You must trust your dog, if a dog harms another animal or human you are responsible.  A large dog that chases cats may want to go to a daycare that separates large from small. Is your dog super possessive? One probably wants to avoid a daycare that has toys.
Do you have a shy dog? Easing them into a daycare a couple of hours at a time may be the answer, a full day can be too much for a socially awkward dog at first but with patience and repeat visitation you will be surprised by how well they can blossom. I have seen dogs not leaving a corner and just panting become confident, well-adjusted animals, allowing easier visits to the dog park and/or just running into other dogs on walks becoming less stressful.
Your daycare should have some form of discipline; no rules can create a dangerous environment. Tools such as kennels for time outs and citronella spray collars for excessive barking can all improve your dog’s experience.
The goal of a daycare is for your dog to make friends, have fun, and get tired. Some dogs get extras like how to be a dog, learning to fetch, and generally being civil to their fellow dogs. I hope this helps people to understand all the benefits of exposing their dog to daycare and all the good that can come out of a well-run daycare.

Joe Wrglal is a proud parent of two special little rescues, Sparkles and Tiny Muffin. When he isn’t ensuring the best time ever for your dog at Woof Pack Doggy Daycare, he is playing Super Smash Bros.

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