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Photo by by Brandon Wirth

Everybody expresses love differently. Some romance their significant others with flowers or small surprises. Others leave love notes around the house to show appreciation for the little things their spouses do. A universal sign of love is arguably one of the most important: the ring.

When looking for a ring, people can often feel overwhelmed. Every relationship is special, unique, and incredibly different from the next one. So how does a couple pick out a pair of rings that represents their one-of-a-kind relationship? The team at Stephen Vincent Design has come up with a solution to this longstanding nuisance of a question: custom-made wedding rings.

Located in Minneapolis, Stephen Vincent Design has been catering to Minnesota’s lovestruck for over 40 years. The process of designing a wedding ring is very hands-on and well guided with the help of staff members at Stephen Vincent Design. “We take pride in guiding and educating our customers. We know it’s a big investment on many different levels, and we want them to know that we care about their choices,” says the Stephen Vincent Design team.

Photo by by Brandon Wirth

Customers can set up appointments to discuss their lives and relationships, and plan out sketches for their ring sets. Along with sketches, Stephen Vincent Design offers CAD drawings that are drawn to scale to showcase the gems in the colors, sizes, quality, and price ranges that are suitable for each individual client. “All of our rings are carefully handmade, and we encourage them to choose a gem quality to reflect that through grading education and visual examples,” staff of Stephen Vincent Design says.

According to Stephen Vincent Design, some upcoming spring trends that they’re seeing include pear shapes, marquis cuts, and rustic diamonds.Yellow gold, large gems, and small bands are also strong styles for spring. Balancing trendy styles with timelessness creates a sense of tradition while keeping an eye on the future.

Durability plays an important role in the process of selecting a gem for a wedding ring. The most durable gems are sapphires, which are typically used in engagement rings. Sapphires can range from blue and green to red and pink to white and yellow. A variety of metals is available too. Palladium, platinum, 18K yellow gold, and 18K white gold are typically used for engagement and wedding rings. Prices vary depending on the type of gem, the gem size, and the material used for the band, but the team at Stephen Vincent Design works according to the price range of each individual client.

Ring photos by Stephen Vincent Design

Custom rings typically take longer to make than other pieces of jewelry, with an estimated six-week turnaround rate. Stephen Vincent Design recommends providing at least eight weeks between designing the rings and the wedding to ensure that they are done on time.

Stephen Vincent Design has a list of tips for ring buyers who don’t know what to expect:

  • Custom doesn’t mean unaffordable.
  • It’s okay to bring ideas and photos, the more the merrier.
  • If you want to surprise your beloved, their team can help in a variety of ways.
  • Come into the store before you are anxious about purchasing. Stephen Vincent Design hosts “Save the Best for Last” events every last Thursday of the month from 5–8 p.m. where guests can enjoy cocktails, look around, and ask as many questions as they want.
  • The staff is there to help make it a less stressful and more exciting, fun time in your life.

Photo by by Brandon Wirth

Showing your love and appreciation for your significant other shouldn’t be stressful or difficult. With the help of Stephen Vincent Design, you can design rings that are as unique and thoughtful as your special someone while enjoying every step of the process.

For more information, go to www.svstudio.com.

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