Five Dates for Cold Days



I love going on dates that end with a walk around the lake or a walk through the park, but it’s soon to be an arctic tundra outside. (Why do we still live here?) Here’s a short list of date ideas for when it gets cold that hopefully end with you and your date staying warm.

5. Northeast — The Riddle Room and Chimborazo

Did you ever see that movie Saw? This is nothing like that. At The Riddle Room, you get an hour to solve different puzzles and riddles, a perfect opportunity to show your great problem-solving abilities. Unfortunately, your team must consist of 6 or more people. Sorry, this one will have to be a group outing. That’s fine. It’s a good way to ask someone on a date without asking them on a date. It’s challenging, but not too challenging. It can be stressful (but that’s OK); you’re supposed to do stressful things with a potential mate because once you survive the stressful situation, the mind says, “This person helped me through a stressful situation, they must be good. Stick with them.” You want this to happen to your date’s subconscious mind. Trick them into liking you. By the way, this reason is also why you’re supposed to go to scary movies with a date. Then head over to Chimborazo, a cute Ecuadorian restaurant. The food is hot, which contrasts the weather well. Close your eyes. You’re in Ecuador… and warm… and rich… and a supermodel.

4. St. Paul — joan’s in the Park and The Town House

joan’s in the Park is a classy, white tablecloth restaurant that serves great food, located in the Highland Park area. Serving shrimp, clam, and crab, seafood will be your friend here. After that, swing by The Town House, St. Paul’s notorious gay bar. You want to go here on Thursdays; free darts, free pool, $2 rail drinks, and $2 domestics. Keep it classy with joan’s in the Park, then get rowdy at The Town House. Show your date that they got them someone “who can do both.”

3. Downtown — The Depot

What better way to break the ice than with…(ugh) ice skating? The best way to determine if your date will be a good mate is if they can skate. I think this is actually ancient Viking lore and it’s yet to fail me. Anyway, when you’re done repeatedly falling down on a cold, hard surface, hit up The Depot Tavern and get the Depot Burger. Great burgers. Outside of Juicy Lucy, they might actually have the best burgers in the Twin Cities.

2. Hopkins — LTD Brewery, Pub 819, and Hopkins Theater

Dinner and a movie; it’s how you say, “Do you want to have sex with me?” without saying it. Start this date off with the Hopkins movie theater. It’s a cute and old-timey theater with bright lights out front. Not to mention, it’s cheap: $3 movies, $2.50 if you go before 6:00 p.m. And I’m no expert, but I was told you’re actually supposed to go to the movie first so you have something to talk about during dinner. Which takes us to dinner at Pub 819, a spot known for its whiskey and local craft beer. And if the beer there isn’t local enough for you, then walk a block down the street to LTD Brewing Co. for as local as it gets.

1. Calhoun — Sushi and Minneapolis Institute of Art

Marilyn Monroe once said, “Cultured people are so hot” and with this, you’re going to let your date know you’re really effing cultured. The first stop is the Minneapolis Institute of Art. They have some new Japanese and Korean collections that are simply stunning. A lot of the pieces are from the 13th–18th century, including a suit of Samurai armor. It’s actually pretty amazing seeing something like this in real life. You don’t need to be a fine art major to appreciate what they have. Then head out to Wakame Sushi and Asian Bistro for (surprise) sushi. Hit up the sushi bar and make sure to get the Minnesota roll or the Russian roll.

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