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If I had to label anything the “dumbest invention ever” it would be the label “one size fits all.” How is the same article of clothing going to fit two different people, two different body types, two different kinds of beautiful in the same way? That’s right, it’s not. Nothing truly is “one size fits all” because nothing fits everyone—nothing feels right for everyone.

Which is why it is so crucial that wedding wear not only be available in a variety of sizes and styles but also be offered in abundance to everyone regardless of physical appearance, gender, sexual orientation, or anything else that makes him or her uniquely beautiful. Bespoke wedding wear is made to fit each individual, not a mass of various sizes of people. Bespoke wedding wear is designed around the wearer with their size, body type, and personal preferences in mind. Including dresses and suits, bespoke wedding wear is available for any man, woman, transgender, or nonbinary individual. For same-sex couples, bespoke wedding wear is ordered and made to fit the wearer in either a dress or suit regardless of that individual’s gender identity. Made-to-measure suits are offered, which are cut from fabric and made based on the individual’s measurements. Although custom-made wedding wear allows for a uniquely crafted piece created for each individual wearer, it is unlike couture clothing and therefore far less expensive. Couture clothing means that each piece is one-of-a-kind and there is no other like it in any other size. Custom-made items can be offered to multiple people but in their own individual sizes. Bespoke wedding wear can be especially helpful to people with smaller frames who wear suits and people with larger builds who wear dresses because each article will be created to flatter your own body type. By wearing a dress or suit that was specifically built to fit you, your wedding day will be that much more personal.

Here’s a list of some of the local companies that offer bespoke wedding wear to any and all future brides and grooms.


1500 Jackson St. NE, #211, Minneapolis
Modehaus Bridal offers custom-made bridal gowns that are first sketched according to the vision of the wearer, then measured and sewn to fit the wearer’s body, and finally constructed to bring the original sketch to life. To schedule an appointment or learn more, you can fill out a contact form on their website.

KMK Designs
2500 University Ave. W, Ste D1, St. Paul
If anyone understands custom-made, it’s KMK Designs. A mother-daughter operated company, KMK Designs offers custom-made dresses ranging from cosplay-inspired to replicas from movies, TV shows, or plays. However, they encourage designs as unique and different as the people wearing them, so they do not recreate other designers’ work but are willing to take inspiration from other dresses to suit each client’s needs.

Beauty by Design
2400 N Second St., Ste 206, Minneapolis
Not only does Beauty by Design offer gowns that are made to fit each individual customer, but they also offer repurposing services. If you have another dress or article of clothing that has sentimental value, you can repurpose it into a wedding gown with the help of Beauty by Design. They’ll help every step of the way from measurements to construction to alterations and final touches.

Joynoelle Boutique
312 W 42nd St., Minneapolis
Starting with a consultation, Joynoelle takes the wedding gown design process very seriously. After discussing how the wearer envisions the dress, designers will begin the sizing process by draping fabric over the customer to gather measurements and further discuss how the final product will look. Not only does the customer get to perfectly pinpoint the look they are trying to create, but they also have a warehouse of fabric to choose from so he or she feels as great as he or she looks.

Studio 749
Designer Marjorie Magidow Schalles knows art. From painting to garden art to sewing, Schalles does it all. She offers custom sewing and pattern-making to create glamorous gowns for daytime and evening wear. With over 30 years of experience, Schalles knows how to perfectly blend her own creativity with your comfort in mind. Contact [email protected] for more information.


Martin Patrick 3
212 Third Ave. N, Suite 106, Minneapolis
Martin Patrick 3 is a gem of the Twin Cities for its abundance of apparel, accessories, home goods, and more. But it’s also beloved for its made-to-measure suits. Martin Patrick 3 offers suit-fitting services that involve measuring the customer and constructing the suit based on those measurements.

1685 University Ave. W, St. Paul
Milbern can help create the suit of your dreams with their fusion of technology and fabric. First, they’ll help you build a virtual suit so you can pick out the style, pattern, fabric, etc. that you’d like. This also helps choose accessories that will suit the suit. Once you’ve done this, they’ll measure you and begin constructing the suit with the fabric you chose based on the design you created. This way, you get to be your own designer.

Hubert White
747 Nicollet Mall, Minneapolis
Hubert White creates made-to-measure suits, jackets, and shirts of various brands and prices. Also, pieces can be individualized by making them single-breasted, double-breasted, center-vented or with side vents. Different lapels, pockets, and construction can be used to ensure that your dream suit doesn’t have to just be a dream any longer.

J. Hilburn
4214 Garfield Ave., Minneapolis
J. Hilburn offers made-to-measure suits that blend Italian fabrics and European tailoring to create the perfect piece for you. Not only is there a variety of fits to choose from, but there are also different monogramming, lining, lapel, button, venting, and pleating options, so it is very unlikely that they won’t offer exactly what you’re looking for.

Heimie’s Haberdashery
400 St. Peter St., St. Paul
Get your suit made by a family that has tailoring in its blood dating back to 200 years ago. At Heimie’s, you can get a custom-made suit tailored by Anthony Andler who understands the need for your suit to be as unique as you are. Also, complimentary alterations are offered on regular priced items.

Top Shelf
3040 Lyndale Ave. S, Minneapolis
At Top Shelf, you can get a custom suit, custom shirts and high quality accessories. Top Shelf has seen many people request alterations on store-bought suits throughout the past, so they understand the importance of custom-made suits. By ordering a suit through Top Shelf, all alterations will be made during the construction process, so there won’t be any need to get additional alterations once the suit has been crafted.

Tom James
2523 S Wayzata Blvd, #100, Minneapolis
Tom James started as a company that makes made-to-measure suits for men and women in the workforce. However, after popular demand, they have expanded into made-to-measure suits for weddings. They will measure the wearer and create a suit that not only fits the customer’s style but also flatters his or her individual body type.

King Brothers Clothiers
1330 Quincy St. NE, Studio 301B, Minneapolis
At King Brothers Clothiers, bespoke is the only language they speak. Both custom-made suits and shirts can be purchased. Suits start at $995, and shirts are around $160. Fittings can be scheduled online, and once a fitting is done, the process of constructing your perfect suit is underway.

Marty Mathis Clothiers
608 Second Ave, S, Ste 275, Minneapolis
Marty Mathis lives by the philosophy that looking sophisticated without too much effort is important. With his help, you can look any way you want without so much as lifting a finger. Marty Mathis Clothiers will measure, construct, and fit your suit to make sure that you leave feeling satisfied with your purchase.

3295 Galleria, Edina
From suits, sports coats, trousers, and outerwear, Twill offers everything you’ll need to look and feel great on your wedding day. Additionally, Twill offers a comprehensive custom shirt collection, which takes away the struggle of finding one on-the-rack. With Twill’s help, you can find a suit that will make you look as amazing as you feel.

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