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The location, the apparel, the venue, the guest list, the first dance, the music: what’s not to worry about in the midst of the chaos of planning a wedding? With so many things to think about and so many decisions to be made, it can get a little overwhelming. Thankfully, with the help of Chowgirls Killer Catering, it just got a lot easier to make the most important decision of all: food.

Chowgirls Killer Catering is a a certified 100% female-owned, award-winning catering company based in Minneapolis. Using seasonal ingredients, Chowgirls helps newlyweds-to-be create sustainable fare that is savory, sociable, and accompanied by handcrafted cocktails. Chowgirls recently opened a new location on Hoover Street in Minneapolis which has already become adored for its “mid-century pole barn” vibe. “We’ve made it modern-glamorous by opening up the ceilings and removing a lot of the ’60s-style wood paneling. We’ve popped in a lot of windows to bring light to the offices and styled it in a cheerful palette. The kitchen is in the heart of the building and is more than three times the size of our previous location,” say co-founders Heidi Andermack and Amy Lynn Brown.

Photo by Lucas Botz

Andermack and Brown keep seasonal trends and styles in mind when helping plan wedding menus. Chowgirls food is very sustainable and frequently sourced locally, and they have seen the same all-natural, simplistic style reflected in modern weddings. “We’re seeing more monochromatic color schemes for everything from clothing to table decor and cork and agate on table settings—more natural elements and greenery than glitz and flowers,” they say. Also, a lot of Chowgirls’ clients are incorporating more interactive elements in their dinners. This includes family-style dinner, wine and beer pairings, and even food trucks.

Something to keep in mind when serving guests is to always ensure that everyone has enough to eat. Food selections should reflect the tastes of the couple while still taking into account the tastes of the majority of the guests. “As the couple, it is your day, and you should serve food that you love. But you want your guests to feel satisfied and remember your wedding meal as a delicious part of the evening. Don’t compromise on taste, and think of your guests when you choose the menu,” Andermack and Brown say.

Photo by Lucas Botz

Of course, it wouldn’t be dinner without a sweet, rich dessert to top it all off. Chowgirls recently purchased a cotton candy machine and are excitedly creating new flavors like mango and coconut. Clients enjoy this dessert component because it adds a fun interactive element that is appreciated by kids and adults alike.

Keeping in mind the season in which your wedding takes place can also play a major role in creating the menu. According to Chowgirls, winter is the best time to book a wedding if you’re working on a smaller budget. “Many vendors offer discounts for services, food, and rentals during this ‘slow’ season,” explain Andermack and Brown. Likewise, it’s easier to book weddings during spring months, especially in Minnesota, due to the unpredictable climate. However, outdoor weddings aren’t typically recommended until June when the weather is more likely to cooperate. Summer is hands-down the busiest wedding season, and it also happens to be a favorite at Chowgirls. “We love catering beautiful outdoor weddings, and because we’re a seasonal caterer, the bounty of produce available makes our menus most plentiful,” they say. Another popular wedding season is fall, especially with all of the natural beauty that Minnesota has to offer. “The fall colors make for some great photo ops, and potential guests are less likely to be vacationing than in the summer months, so guest turnouts tend to be higher,” they say.

Photo by Lucas Botz

Regardless of the season, Andermack and Brown advise that keeping in mind the size of your wedding is key. “When planning a large wedding, be prepared with a larger budget, and be sure to hire vendors who can take the details off your hands. A wedding planner can help you wrangle the needs of a large wedding and help you manage that increased budget,” they say. Chowgirls caters year-round for any sized wedding, and they can help make even the largest wedding seem like an intimate setting perfectly tailored to the couple. “When planning a smaller wedding by design, you have the opportunity to create more intimacy for your guests. Whether this is your venue selection, style of reception, or decor, you have more freedom to create the spaces and experiences you want for your guests—and to enjoy these details more intimately with your guests,” they say.

Although wedding planning is accompanied by the stress of picking the right location, clothing, venue, decor, guest list, and so on, picking the right food will be a lot simpler with the help of Chowgirls. Appointments can be made by calling Chowgirls at 612-203-0786 or stopping by their new location at 336 Hoover St. NE, Minneapolis. For additional information, visit their website at

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Whether you’re planning on tying the knot on a sunny summer day or an icy Minnesota winter afternoon, the ladies at Chowgirls can help you create a menu that is both personal to you as a couple and tasty to each and every one of your guests. From interactive desserts to locally grown fare, Chowgirls Killer Catering will leave your guests talking about your one-of-a-kind cuisine for years to come.

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