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East Lake Animal Clinic has been bringing affordable care to the pets of Minneapolis for more than forty-five years.

Picking a veterinarian for our pets is almost more stressful than choosing a primary doctor for ourselves. And why wouldn’t it be? We love our pets almost as much as (okay, maybe a little bit more than) we love ourselves, so why wouldn’t we want the absolute best care for them?

Well, the staff of East Lake Animal Clinic understand that sentiment. Which is why they provide incredibly efficient—and affordable—services for dogs and cats.

“East Lake Animal Clinic is a veterinary hospital in Minneapolis, serving the Longfellow and Hiawatha neighborhoods since 1973,” says Deana Rezner, CVT at East Lake Animal Clinic. “Our professional team offers a wide range of quality services for cats and dogs.”

Though East Lake Animal Clinic offers surgery and other services traditional of an animal hospital setting, Rezner says the clinic operates as a regular veterinary for pets, too.

“Make sure your beloved pet enjoys a long and healthy life with regular visits to the vet,” she advises. “Our services include dentistry, dermatology, x-rays, ultrasounds, geriatrics, nutrition consulting, ophthalmology, orthopedics, surgery, and blood work with our in-house lab.”

Whether your dog or cat needs an x-ray, surgery, routine vaccination, or just a regular check-up, the staff of East Lake Animal Clinic are able to help. The clinic’s highly regarded dental services include routine cleaning, periodontal care, extractions, and oral surgery. East Lake Animal Clinic is also available for diagnostic work, whether your pet needs an x-ray, ultrasound, EKG, or blood pressure test.

Other services of the clinic include orthopedics, which includes treating congenital and traumatic injuries to soft tissue, joints, and bones; providing arthritis management; lameness; and more. Additionally, East Lake Animal Clinic is known for its preventive care, including health screening exams and laboratory screenings for all ages. The clinic’s licensed veterinarians can advise you of preventive and therapeutic programs for all potential parasites.

The in-house and referral laboratories and all diagnostic modalities are used as needed to diagnose and treat metabolic, endocrine, inflammatory, and infectious diseases, which allows for an effective and efficient process for diagnosing pets’ health issues.

One tip Rezner offers all pet parents is to be sure you’re staying up-to-date on flea and tick preventive vaccines, especially now that it’s summer.

Other than Rezner, who joined East Lake Animal Clinic in November 2004, staff members include Steven Olsen, DVM; Travis Anderson; DVM; and CVTs Josie and Nicholas.

According to East Lake Animal Clinic’s website, staff don’t just examine pets for any health concerns, but they also discuss each pet’s individual lifestyle and life stage to determine the best wellness program for every cherished companion.

“Our licensed veterinarians offer a full range of medical, surgical, and preventive health care services to ensure your pet receives the best quality of life possible,” the clinic’s website states. “At East Lake Animal Clinic, we are dedicated to building long-lasting relationships with each of our clients. We will treat your cat or dog with care, respect, and compassion.”

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