A Little Wisdom in the New Year

Photo courtesy of BigStock/megaflopp
Photo courtesy of BigStock/megaflopp

This has been a hard year, or should we say a hard two years for all of us. Or was it? You know the old adage about whether the glass is half full or half empty, and depending on your answer it indicates if you’re a positive person?

Looking at the bright side is something that could bring joy and pride, but might be hard to do when you realize all the special events we missed, not seeing relatives over the holidays, not being able to share success and losses, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, births, and so much more. But at the same time we also have learned some valuable tools. 

First and foremost, which seems to be almost lost in all the frustration and news of the latest variant strain, is that we have made a giant leap forward in medical science which not only will get us through this pandemic (and it will!) but also holds the promise of lessening the impact of numerous other diseases, therefore saving millions of lives, prolonging others, and allowing us to live to a greater age. If you think that’s an exaggeration it is already being tested as a possible cure for HIV/AIDS and treatment for cancer. And early reports are promising. 

Then there’s the personal lessons. For me it was the opportunity to finally take a break, look over the last 50 years, and appreciate what I missed as I toiled away on one project to the next with little time for friends and family. It made me realize that that part of my life had to change and I needed to reevaluate how I use my time. Mind you, the last 50 years for me still brings tremendous pride and good memories too. 

This year for me was one where people I loved had issues and finally had the chance to chat with me. You stay close to your friends, and maybe even closer when they have problems. You help them. You don’t run. That is what friendship is all about. And as I’ve recently learned, time is the most valuable gift we can give, especially to those we love. So don’t forget to spend time together. Time is a valuable treasure that cannot be replaced. 

So take that time and ignore the enormous amount of political emails and the time wasting things you’re getting. By the way, anyone who took political science 101 would tell you that the Equality Act in the Senate is dead unless the filibuster is changed. Why do I connect those issues? Because any political group asking for your time or money is trying to take those dollars or time away from your friends and family, and in the case of the Equality Act, it’s a losing proposition at this time. So ignore the email and embrace the joy you will have by sharing more time with those close to you. A lot of people need a little more attention at this time of year, even if they don’t want to admit it. And with 365 days in 2022, use that time wisely. 

Happy New Year!

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