2017 Pet Marketplace Guide


Woody’s Pet Food
Our pets are more than just animals; they’re our family. This is why it can often be tough to feed our pets anything that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. You can skip the shelves of canned, processed pet food at your local grocery or pet store. Instead, stop by Woody’s Pet Food Deli where all pet food is homemade, human grade, and a healthy alternative to store bought options.
Prices vary

London Slicker Dog Raincoat
Gone are the hot summer days of sunshine and fresh floral air. As we move into the autumn months, the weather can be a confusing imbalance of hot days and cold ones. Don’t let your furry friends freeze this fall, and dress them in style. With the London Slicker Dog Raincoat by Petrageous, you can keep even the littlest fur-ball warm in all types of weather.

Oxford Folding Dog and Cat Stroller
Good news for all pets: you can take your cat or dog for a walk and they don’t have to lift a paw. Get the Oxford Folding Dog and Cat Stroller from Chewy to keep your furry companion by your side as you stroll around the city. Whether you can’t get a pet sitter or simply want to take your four-legged friend wherever you go, the Oxford stroller lets you take your pet for a walk…or a ride.

All Living Things Popsicle Stick Bird Toy
Put a little rainbow in your bird’s cage with the All Living Things toy. Made of popsicle sticks and small beads, this toy is lightweight and easy to remove and clean. Your bird will love climbing the popsicle sticks, swinging around, and chewing on the toy. This toy is especially recommended for cockatiels as chewing is a healthy daily activity for them.

Bond & Co. Bowtie 2-Pack
“Smelly cat” transforms into fancy cat with the Bond & Co. cat bowtie set. Each set comes in a pack of two and is offered in various colors. Whether your feline friend is going for a business casual or a date night look, they’ll surely be the fanciest cat in town with the Bond & Co. bowtie set.

Super Snouts Buba Chew
I bet when you think of a new chew toy to buy your pet, a water buffalo horn isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. Well, once your pet tries the Super Snouts Buba natural water buffalo horn chew toy, it’s the only toy you’ll consider. From grass fed, free range water buffalo, the Super Snouts Buba Chew is great for your pet’s tooth and gum health.
Prices vary

Fluker’s Corner Reptile Bowl
Maintain a natural habitat for your reptile with Fluker’s Corner Reptile Bowl. Great for food and water, this bowl is cut to fit the corner of your reptile’s terrarium, and the deep dish allows for less refilling. The Fluker’s Corner Reptile Bowl is recommended for hermit crabs, lizards, and tortoises who need extra space to roam around and explore.

Penn Plax Double-back Background
Make your fish feel like they’re gliding across the sea floor or weaving in and out of an array of seaweed with the Penn Plax Double-back Background. This background allows you to choose from two different scenes of the sea, which your fish will love. Not only do these backgrounds comfort your fish, but they also make a great backdrop in any room.

Pet Life “Pour” Protection Leash Holder Pet Umbrella
Shield your fragile furry friend from the rain with this pet umbrella. The Pet Life “Pour” Protection Leash Holder Pet Umbrella provides a low-hanging umbrella attached at the end of a leash to keep your dog out of the rain. Now you can take your pup for a walk every day, rain or shine.

Trail Trackers Dog Boots
As Minnesotans, we spend hundreds of dollars on winter coats, hats, gloves, and boots, so why don’t we do the same for our beloved pets? Keep your pup’s paws safe in all of Minnesota’s wacky weather patterns with the Trail Trackers Dog Boots by Doggles. Fleece-lined with a rubber sole, these boots have excellent traction and will keep your critter safe in all elements.

Trixie Outdoor Cat House
Give your outdoor cats a chance to play indoors with the Trixie Pet Products Wooden Outdoor Cat House. This cat house can be placed on the ground for easy access from the yard or on a suspended surface, so cats can go from inside to outside without leaving the house. It’s a great way to give your outdoor cats some freedom while keeping an eye on them.

Woofables Dog Biscuits
Have you ever wanted to grill some burgers with your best friend? Maybe spoil yourself and indulge in some donuts together? Does your best friend also happen to be four-legged and furry? Well, let the grill-outs and brunches commence. Woofables Dog Biscuits are gourmet treats made from healthy ingredients in fun shapes including hot dogs, hamburgers, donuts, watermelon, and more.

Custom Pet Caricatures
This might not be specifically for your pet, but pet owners deserve some love, too. Display your favorite furry friend or gift a pet lover in your life with the Custom Pet Caricature by Neil McMillin. Caricatures can be done digitally or in traditional print, all you have to do is provide a photo of your critter.

Doggie Toy Basket
Organize your canine’s toys in the Doggie Toy Basket from Pottery Barn. Not only does this toy basket provide a lot of space for your pup’s favorite chew toys, but it’s shaped like a dog bone for a cute and classic look. Perfect for storing treats, toys, leashes, and other pet accessories.

Yeowww! CatNip
Put a little pep in your cat’s step with Yeowww! CatNip. Available in mini 0.7 oz. and regular 1 oz. bags, Yeowww! CatNip is made from 100% organically grown ingredients. If your cat has too much personality for a simple bag of CatNip, get the Yeowww! CatNip Banana and watch your feline friend go bananas!

Louis Dog Strawberry Tutu Dress
Treat your dog like royalty with the Louis Dog Strawberry Tutu Dress. Available in several sizes, this tutu has a cotton bodice, a satin waistband, and a six-layered skirt. The tutu dress comes in pink and white and is designed by California designer Louis Dog.

Adventure Seekers Rollup Pet Bed
Going camping? On a road trip? Staying at a friend’s cottage? No need to find a pet sitter, just bring the Adventure Seeker Rollup Pet Bed. This sleeping bag for pets allows your pet to take a bed on the go. The bed easily rolls up, so it can be stored and transported. With water-resistant fabric and a carrying handle, this pet bed will make any vacation pet-friendly.

Marshall Walking Jacket
Dogs aren’t the only pets that can enjoy the freedom of a nice long stroll around the neighborhood. Take your ferret for a walk with the Marshall Walking Jacket. Made of durable material, this walking jacket is equipped with a leash and a bell so you know where your ferret is. Get a Marshall Walking Jacket and let your ferret explore the great outdoors!

RGB Jelly Fish
Transform your aquarium into a rainbow wonderland with the RGB Jelly Fish. This artificial jelly fish has color-changing lights to add a fun rainbow glow to your aquarium. Let the colors change periodically or pause at one color for a unique experience for you and your sea creatures.

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