2014 Valentine’s Gift Guide


Gift-Guide-Let's-Play-Doctor-Screen-shotLet’s Play Doctor: Dozens of Sexy Games
Smitten Kitten
A game of role-play, Let’s Play Doctor prompts a couple to play doctor, cops and robbers, boss and secretary, and chauffeurs and socialites among other racy roles. With 45 game cards, this game is sure to bring excitement to the bedroom for quite some time.

Gift-Guide-Dead-Sexy-Candle-Screen-shotDead Sexy Candle No. 6
Several Metro Locations
Whether for mood lighting or sensual scents, candles frequently make their way onto Valentine’s Day shopping lists. The deeply fragranced soy-wax blend from Patina burns evenly from the first moment to the last. Featuring a romantic scent of deep vanilla, exotic wood, white orchid, and ebony that couples are sure to enjoy.

Gift-Guide-Utopia-Condom-Caddy-Screen-shotUtopia Condom Caddy
Jonathan Adler
Inscribed with the message “Better Safe Than Sorry,” this condom caddy adds a whimsical charm to the bedroom. Made from brown stoneware with platinum accents, Jonathan Adler provides a piece worthy of an end table.

Gift-Guide-Gay-Love-Birds-Coffee-Mugs-Screen-shotGay Love Birds Coffee Mugs
Etsy, MaryElizabethArts
A set of two, these coffee mugs feature two bright red male cardinals wooing and cooing together on a tree branch. With the ability to customize with names, these hand-painted mugs are whimsical, yet chic.

Gift-Guide-L'eau-Screen-shotL’Eau Eau de Toilette
The first eau de toilette from diptyque, founded in 1968. The spicy scent isn’t restricted by gender, to be worn by either a man or a woman. According to diptyque, “this fragrance is of an olfactory design unparalleled in the repertoire of classic perfumery.”

Gift-Guide-Customized-Candy-Sugarwish-Screen-shotCustomized Candy
$25.00 – $65.00
Who doesn’t love candy? No one. Who wants to choose their own personalized bouquet of candy? Everyone. Now let’s just hope that the lucky sweetheart will share the bounty.

Gift-Guide-Revel-and-Riot-Screen-shotRevel & Riot T-shirt
Revel & Riot
Gifting an item of clothing on Valentine’s Day means that eventually that item of clothing will have to come off…and there’s nothing sexier than a guy (or gal!) who’s not afraid to make a statement. Enter Revel and Riot. The T-shirt company is all about LGBT visibility and equality. They got a lot of attention after collaborating with the band fun. and getting Tegan and Sara to sport their simple but stylish pro-gay garbs.

Gift-Guide-x's-and-o's-set-Screen-shotX’s and O’s Set
Several Metro Locations
Keep your sweetie smelling sweet this Valentine’s day with this philosophy gift set filled with Vanilla Cream and Cherry-scented body products. Skin will be left soft and lips kissable.

Gift-Guide-Blue-Moon-Beer-Soap-Screen-shotBlue Moon Beer Soap
Etsy, FattysSoapCo
Perfect for the beer lover, this handmade soap from Wisconsin is made from a base of Blue Moon with orange and blue swirls and a silver lining on top. Be assured, the soap won’t leave a beer aroma as it is scented with neroli (orange blossom) fragrance oil.

Gift-Guide-Love-RingLove Ring
This recycled sterling silver ring is a perfect gift to serve as a reminder of eternal commitment to each other, as best friends, lovers, or even both. Gender neutral, this playful and simple ring is hand-made and can be turned to write words like love, kiss, amor, beso, and more.

Gift-Guide-Moroccan-Neroli-Shaving-Duet-Screen-shotMoroccan Neroli Shaving Duet
Valentine’s Day is a good time to feed his masculinity and celebrate who he is, so skip the teddy bears and the hearts and opt for something a little more upscale. The idea is to make him feel like your hero, not your puppy dog.

Gift-Guide-The-Missing-Piece-Screen-shotThe Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein
Barnes & Noble
Several Metro Locations
For everyone from the book lover to the sentimental, Shel Silverstein’s book of rhymes chronicles an incomplete circle’s journey to find its missing piece. The tale also describes the joys of not being complete, making it perfect for couples or a single friend.

Gift-Guide-Couple-Key-chainsCouples Key Chains
Red Envelope
These key chains say it loud and clear, telling your sweetie, “You complete me.” Coming as a set of two, when paired, the two key chains form a complete heart. Separately, the slim key chains pull double duty as bottle openers.

Gift-Guide-I-Love-You-Bean-Screen-shotI Love You Bean
Think Geek
Houseplants are no longer just for house-warmings. Say “I love you” with this one-of-a-kind bean plant. The sprout actually has the words “I Love You” written on the bean. Simply add water and let it soak up some sun. Soon the bean will sprout and the hidden message will appear.

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