2012 Twin Cities Gay Pool League Tournament at the 19 Bar


1st PLACE: THE TOWNHOUSE TEAM From left to right: Alex, Troy, Joel, John. Photo by Mario Coapango

2nd PLACE: 19 BAR TEAM From left to right: Norm, Jerry, Mary, Paige (not pictured). Photo by Mario Coapango.

3rd PLACE: 19 BAR TEAM From left to right: greg, Mark, Brian, Roger. Photo by Mario Coapango.

$500 Awarded to the Aliveness Project Food Shelf of Minneapolis From left to right: Barak (19 Bar), Shelley (TCGPL), Dan (Aliveness Project), Craig (TCGPL). Photo by Mario Coapango.


Click through the gallery. All photos by Mario Coapango.

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