10 Tips for Being a “10” by Summer

Benjamin Loehrer. Photo by Mike Hnida

Benjamin Loehrer. Photo by Mike Hnida

By Benjamin Loehrer

Summer is just around the corner and soon everybody will be showing some skin! Here are ten simple things you can start doing today to be ready for a day at the beach!

Partner Workouts

Working out with your partner can be one of the most fun and valuable activity times that you spend together. I suggest meeting with a trainer in order to get the proper and appropriate knowledge and have him or her show each of you how to effectively train each other. A small investment up front will save tons of money and will make for safe, fun, and effective workouts for just the two of you.

Be Consistent 
People think that top fitness models go all out on every workout, but in reality it’s not so much about the effort as it is about the consistency. A little bit every day is much better and safer then totally killing yourself once a week and being so tired that you have no motivation to get back into the gym for another workout.

What Are You Putting in Your Mouth?
When it comes to dieting I don’t advocate anything extreme. Just keep it simple and be smart about it. Think about everything that you are putting into your body and ask yourself “Is this conducive to my goals?” You would be surprised at what people eat when they are not thinking.

Get Stronger!
Just doing the same weights and reps all the time will never force your body to adapt. You need to add that extra weight and do those extra reps to get the fastest results. This is a huge benefit that my clients experience because I push them to the limit every workout. If they did 150 pounds 10 times last week I’m going to get them to do 160 11 times this week!  It is fun and exciting to do more than you have ever done before and the results will quickly show because of it. So when you think you can only do 10 find a way deep down inside to do 15!

Try Tabata
Tabata is a unique and extremely effective type of cardio consisting of predetermined work and rest periods. Very simple and will get you sweating instantly. The typical setup is 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Repeat these cycles for anywhere from 10 cycles to 100 cycles. You can use any form of activity: running, jumping rope, lunges, or crunches, for example.

Get Aggressive
Tires, sledgehammers, battle ropes, boxing, and kickboxing. These are extremely high-intensity exercise selections that not only burn tons of calories but also make you stronger while you’re doing them (and are a great way to relieve some stress). A lot of my clients say they are always visualizing someone who really ticked them off while they are smashing tires with a sledgehammer!

Set a Date
Need a little extra motivation? Pick a specific date this summer that you want to look your best for. I have a client going to Miami in July and his goal is to be as big and ripped as possible for that weekend. I have another woman that is getting ready for her wedding and wants the best-looking arms she’s had in her life. By picking a date you will automatically take it to the next level in all aspects of your fitness goals.

Personal Training: No Longer Just a Luxury
Just a few years ago only the rich had trainers and it was viewed as a total luxury. That is definitely no longer the case. I see all types of clients and we always find solutions no matter what the budget. At a bare minimum, everyone should be seeing fitness professionals at the front end of a training program and checking in with them at least once every four to eight weeks. This will ensure the movements are being done as effectively as possible and that each workout is as safe and accurate as possible for each person’s individual goals and limitations.

Schedule it as a Top Priority
One of the most valuable aspects of having a personal trainer is that you have it scheduled and you stick to that appointment. Whether you have a trainer or not you still need to be scheduling your workouts ahead of time and sticking to those workouts. Schedules fill up quickly and only the priorities will stick so give yourself what you deserve and schedule those workouts and stick to them!

Most Importantly, Have Fun!
If workouts are not inspiring, challenging, or at least semi-creative, they are not going to be fun. And if if they’re not fun, you’re not gonna keep showing up! I make sure that all my clients are having a good time while they are sweating.  If the workout is fun time will fly by, if the workout is dull and boring time seems to drag on forever!  Simple stuff like new exercises or even just great music can really set the tone for a great time at the gym.

Benjamin Loehrer is the owner of  (and trainer at) Los Campeones Gym in the Seward neighborhood of Minneapolis. Overall membership has doubled since Mr. Loehrer bought the gym in 2010, with gay membership up a little over 100% and female usage up 400%. In addition, the gym now offers the expertise of 20+ trainers. Los Campeones has been specifically catering to a growing gay and lesbian clientele who appreciate his ability to get them to the next level.   For more information, go to www.loscampeonesgym.com.

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