How Are You Going To Get To Your Wedding?

"Your ride to your wedding is here!" - Photo by Randy Stern
"Your ride to your wedding is here!" - Photo by Randy Stern
"Your ride to your wedding is here!" - Photo by Randy Stern

“The ride to your wedding is here!” – Photo by Randy Stern

Oh no! I’m late for the wedding (issue)!

It is not because I forgot. I had a few things going on preventing me from presenting “Lavender’s auto scribe’s contribution to the Fall Wedding Issue,” or what to drive to your wedding, the reception and off to your honeymoon.

Certainly, it would take just choosing a few vehicles that would make your special day even more fabulous. Perhaps there would be one befitting your personality and the moment. If there was a way to make an entrance or exit – choose your mode of transport wisely.

But, how? There are plenty of limousine and car services available in the current issue to hire. Rather, there are plenty of alternatives, as well. What are the ones that stand out above the rest?

This is where I come in…fasten your seatbelts:

PLEASE, NOT BLACK: A black limousine or “Town Car” is fine. However, your special day should be rather “special.” It should be rather colorful, too! Some livery services offer vehicles that are not black. Mainly white, but you might want to inquire if they have something that might match your wedding’s color scheme, or stand out in a crowd. For example, there is a car service in the Twin Cities with an older gold Jaguar XJ running around. Otherwise, a white limousine or sedan would be a lovely way to arrive in style.

GO BIG, OR… For the past several years, the classic Lincoln Town Car and Cadillac sedan had been supplanted with large SUVs. There is no shortage of Chevrolet Suburbans, GMC Yukon XL Denalis, Cadillac Escalades, Lincoln Navigators and Range Rovers rolling around with their passengers going from place to place. You could, too…if you so choose. Perhaps one in any color than black…

BE BESPOKE: The term “bespoke” is a British word to describe a higher level of luxury. This is where you experience a personalized touch with your choice of color and atmosphere. The term is also reserved for the finest automobiles in the world – namely Rolls-Royce, Bentley, the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, Maybach, Maserati Quattroporte and Jaguar XJ. Bespoke would also mean a classic or antique automobile of the same air – again, Rolls-Royce, Duesenberg, Cadillac or Packard of a certain vintage. If a transportation service offers such a vehicle – and it is priced within your budget – go for it! Better still, if you know someone with such a fantastic automobile, make an arrangement on how you could use it for the wedding. I am certain the owner will oblige.

THE CLASSIC CONVERTIBLE: Obviously, you would not want to arrive in a convertible when it is a bit cold or wet out. Consider the spring or summer when you could arrive with the top down. What better way to show your love to the world with an open roof and a bright sky. Today’s convertibles are a bit cramped – rear room is a premium with the popular option of a folding metal roof. That is why you want a classic! For example, if you know someone with a early-to-mid 1960s Lincoln Continental “suicide door” convertible, you simply cannot go wrong! You have your doors when exiting and entering this mobile piece of history.

HOW ABOUT SOMETHING OFF THE GRID? We know we have a bent towards being different and would love to pull something off that would make a few people think a little. There are a few more ideas – such as driving a Toyota Prius, Nissan Leaf or Chevrolet Volt to the wedding. Perhaps you could get chauffeur driven in a Tesla Model S? The latest car sharing service in Minneapolis, Car2Go, would be great if you take one of their smart forTwos and drive up in it – provided you park within the city limits of Minneapolis.

HOW ABOUT YOUR OWN CAR? How about it! It is the cheapest form of getting to your special day on time. It is perhaps in the color that matches your wedding scheme. You simply do not have to pay someone to drive it. If your wedding is on a budget, what’s wrong with taking the ride you drive every day to it?

You have gone through everything – the proposal, the ring, the venue, the officiant, the invitations, the catering, the cake, the decor…and so forth. If you are a couple who want to make your special day fun, the ideas here are limitless.

Your grand entrance and exit could be one of those things to put on your wedding list.

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