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Osseo Powersports offers a variety of hot new motorbikes, including the popular Honda CBR line. Photo courtesy of Osseo Powersports Honda

Osseo Powersports offers adventurous Minnesotans the best of ATVs, motorcycles, and more.

If you’re a fan of powersports, Osseo Powersports is a name you’ll want to remember. A full-time Honda powersports and power equipment dealer, Osseo Powersports has the best recommendations for hot new vehicles to get this spring and summer.

According to Osseo Powersports Sales Manager Bryce Machado, Osseo Powersports provides Honda machines for people of all ages, from three- and four-year-olds to “whenever you’re no longer capable of riding.”

This year, Machado says Osseo Powersports has a vast selection of new Honda machines.

“We have the all-new 2018 Honda Gold Wing, the 2018 CB650F, the 2018 Rebel 300 and 500, and the 2018 CBR300R,” he says.

They also offer a selection of brand new Honda motorcycles, ATVs, side-by-sides, scooters, and different sports bikes, which are great for beginners.

“The Rebel 300 & 500 are awesome beginner cruiser bikes. The CBR300R or CBR500R are great beginner sport bikes,” Machado says.

Osseo Powersports offers a wide variety of vehicles ranging from ATVs to motorbikes. Photo courtesy of Osseo Powersports Honda

In addition to power equipment and gear, Osseo Powersports also offers free machine inspections to make sure that your machine is safe to ride.

“We offer free machine inspections to make sure your toy is safe and that no maintenance is needed,” Machado says.

Osseo Powersports also offers customers different deals throughout the year. According to Machado, right now they are also offering a $99 spring oil change special. And when you buy a machine of any kind from Osseo Powersports, you get discounts for life, which might be applied to other gear and equipment or other deals like the oil change special.

They offer customers tire changes in addition to oil changes and other inspections, so when you become a customer of Osseo Powersports once, you’re a member that is well cared for throughout the rest of your ownership of your machine.

Osseo Powersports gets involved in the community with small local events throughout the year, but their major event will be coming up in April when they have their open house. If you’re not in the market for new equipment, Osseo Powersports also sells used and pre-owned equipment and powersports gear. They also offer a number of services including windshield installation, valve adjustment, wash and detail, and—perfect for Minnesota’s chilly climate—winterization. Other services offered include tune-ups, hydraulic line flushes, top-end engine rebuilds, and chain and sprocket replacements. Osseo Powersports also offers test rides for products.

Customers who don’t live in Osseo can easily browse their products in their online store, which features vehicles, equipment, parts, and accessories. You can look through their equipment catalog to get a better idea of what you might be looking for, shop around in their clearance section for discounted items, or view the latest vehicles on the market.

Whether you’re a longtime powersports fan, just beginning, or interested in learning more, Osseo Powersports offers something for everyone. To learn more about their company, equipment, and services, visit their website at www.osseopowersports.com.

Osseo Powersports
116 County Road 81
Osseo, MN

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