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Model and style expert Sara Rogers is also a trend specialist for the Mall of America. Photo courtesy of the Mall of America

Style expert and wardrobe consultant Sara Rogers shares her story of modeling and fashion.

The fashion industry is like a second home to local model, style expert, and trend specialist Sara Rogers. With over 20 years of experience in print and runway modeling, if anyone knows how to work the spotlight, it’s Rogers. After finding much of her own success in modeling, Rogers decided to help others find the same confidence and beauty by becoming a modeling/personal development instructor, which she won an Outstanding Instructor award for. Soon after winning the award, Rogers’ career started to skyrocket.

“One day the fashion coordinator at Dayton’s asked me to help train a few new runway models. That position evolved into me training aspiring models, choreographing and calling fashion shows in Dayton’s regional markets. From there I was offered the position to become a spokesperson for Dayton’s,” Rogers says. “It started with commentating prom fashion shows, and it went so well it lead to various opportunities including conducting workday casual wardrobe seminars for businesses locally and in Dayton’s regional markets.”

Since her days at Dayton’s, Rogers has continued to flourish in her passion for style as a trend specialist at the Mall of America. Rogers also started her own wardrobe business, and was handpicked by Stacy London from What Not To Wear as a wardrobe consultant for her Style For Hire wardrobe consulting agency.

But before all of this success, Rogers’ interests in the fashion industry began with her first career: modeling.

“I was introduced to modeling when my cousin Sandy shared her comic books with (my sister and me). One of the comic books was about models working for the Hanover Modeling Agency, and the models in the magazine inspired me. I auditioned to model for Dayton’s runway division three years in a row. They rejected me, but I kept coming back,” she says. “One day, I had a light bulb idea to dress up like one of the models I saw in the magazine, and it worked. Fashion coordinator Karen Pedro booked me for my first modeling job. It was at that point that I learned the importance of dressing for the job you want, not the job you have.”

Since then, Rogers has been finding her own inspiration while inspiring others with her work in fashion, modeling, and instructing. In her current jobs, Rogers helps people manage their wardrobes and determine the best looks for them, all while keeping their budgets in mind.

“There is an art and a science to looking your personal best, and I’ve learned a lot from being in the industry for as long as I have. I love empowering individuals with the knowledge they need to look and feel confident about their style. My tagline is ‘Making Life Easier For My Clients,'” Rogers says.

She says her job as a style expert and wardrobe consultant involves conducting wardrobe seminars for businesses and groups, working one-on-one with individuals, and providing services like shopping your own closet, closet audit, image enhancement sessions, special occasion and personal shopping, and sharing wardrobe management tips.

As a trend specialist at the Mall of America, Rogers discusses fashion trends on television, radio, and in print. She says she most often sees trends from New York and Milan, though the Mall of America represents middle America.

“I’m fortunate to be in a role I love. I work closely with the MOA marketing team to stay abreast of fashion trends,” Rogers says. “With tens of millions of visitors every year and the vast amount of stores, it’s a treasure trove for finding fashion trends.”

In regards to upcoming wedding trends, Rogers says she is expecting a heavy influence from Megan Markle and Prince Harry’s wedding. Additionally, she says statement-making trends such as bold flowers, ruffles, feathers, bows, sparkle detailing, and jumpsuits are also upcoming wedding trends. However, Rogers says traditional wedding styles will always reign supreme.

“I work a lot with individuals attending weddings and I frequently hear the request for outfits that are classic with a twist. One of my GLBT clients recently chose a beautiful suit and tie but added Pride sneakers instead of traditional dress shoes,” she says.

Even when individuals opt for a more traditional wedding style, it’s always possible to add your own unique twist with statement pieces—whether that be Pride sneakers or colorful accessories.

Rogers says it’s important for any GLBT couple to be open and discuss their ideas, thoughts, and wishes for their wedding style to maintain open communication throughout the wedding planning process. That way, couples can be confident that they are beginning their married lives with a shared vision rather than two separate ones. She also suggests that everyone plans their wedding style according to their personal size and body shape to find a style that is flattering and makes them feel confident.

“Buy items that fit you now, not aspirational. Be true to your style and dress for your shape. Decide what colors delight your spirit and also flatter your complexion. Think about your photos and how things will photograph, some things look good in person, yet they don’t read the same way in print,” she says.

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