R J Kramer: Fright Night


Tricks and treats for your Halloween happening.

Halloween. There is no better excuse to have a party. Here are some tips to make your event “come alive”.

“Over the top” is not only OK on Halloween, it’s mandatory.

Set the stage with audacious bouquets and arrangements.

Think dark


Then oranges


And reds


Contrast them with insinuations of hideous green. You want these collections to practically cackle. Cue the pumpkin carver. This is not a barn dance. No corn stalks and unscarred pumpkins. We want fiendishly fashioned faces that give, if not a fright, at least, a tingle up your spine.

Lighting is critical. Give me shadows and flickering tapers creating shapes and illusions that only exist in the imagination. Your serving table, whether sit-down or buffet is a canvas awaiting your brush.

First of all, the colors should carry out the scary contrasts of the flowers. And if you can find a little witchgrass and liverwort to work into the montage they would be exclamation points.

Both appetizers and main courses should be rich and flavorful as well as advocates of zest and exuberance.

This could include “finger cookies” that are shaped like, well, fingers. A bit of red frosting completes the picture. A real thumbs up in keeping with the spirit.


And speaking of spirit, costumes are the most spirited and fun aspect of a successful Halloween hoe-down.

Who or what do you want to be for the bewitching hours of the event? Movie star? A regular old Frankenstein? Something eerie or something dreary? A dream? A scream? When in doubt, let the outrageous prevail. Tomorrow you could be back in your business costume.

Call us for more ideas about the floral factor. We have lots of experience. Even Halloween weddings.

Think fun. And may the creatures of the night be your friends.

Until next time,

Robert Kramer









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