Our Road Trips: Our Gift Guide


Going on a road trip? We have some great items for you for the Holiday Season! How about these suggestions?

CELL PHONE MOUNT: In Minnesota, there is now a law that forbids you from holding a cell phone while driving. Hands-free is now the law—not just in Minnesota, but across the country. If your vehicle does not have a smartphone link or a Bluetooth connection, you can still have your phone attached to a mount on your vehicle. You can still take calls and get directions from your navigation app while the phone is mounted in your car. It is perhaps the handiest item one can have when on the road.

Priced from $8.95 and up. Assorted items available through Amazon.com

MUSIC STREAMING SERVICES: We can’t live without music while we drive, right? Why not subscribe to a music streaming service and get the latest tunes fed through your vehicle? As long as you have a connection through your phone into the audio system, you’re halfway there. The rest is up to you. And there are several services that are available for free, or to be upgraded for either a monthly or annual fee. Paid subscriptions give listeners more perks, such as commercial-free programming, a wider variety of music, and playback options. Family plans are great for multiple listeners to enjoy everyone’s playlists.

Priced from Free to $14.99/month—depending on service. Available either through Apple Music (www.apple.com/shop/gift-cards), Google Play Music (play.google.com/intl/en_us/about/giftcards), Pandora, Spotify, and other services.

PET TRAVEL PRODUCTS: Traveling with your pet? There are plenty of items available to make them comfortable while you’re on the road. These products range from seat harnesses and protectors, portable water and food receptacles, dog carriers and backpacks, even booster seats. We love our pets and we want them to feel safe and happy while on a road trip. Not to mention, these items fit most vehicles—even the front passenger seat of a sports car!

Various prices—depending on the item chosen. Visit www.kurgo.com/dog-travel-—or see your local pet store for similar products.

PREPAID FUEL CARDS: Fumbling through your credit and debits cards can be a pain at the pump. No fear, because practically every brand of gasoline offers a gift card or a prepaid fuel card to make things easier. Before you get one, consider how much fuel you will need for your trip—or a year’s full of trips. Then, load them up on a card. By using one of these cards, it will help make your trip to the pump a quick experience! Just find the right gas stations that on your way!

Various prices, depending on how much value you load on each card. Available through Speedway, Holiday Stationstores, BP, Shell, Kwik Trip, and other fuel retailers.

WINTER TIRES: It’s the holiday season and you have to go see your family, your friends or fulfill your long distance relationship. If you live in Minnesota and the Upper Midwest, there is a chance that the roads will be slick with snow, ice, sleet, slush, and so forth. We always said that the best way to make your winter drive safe is to get a set of winter tires. Over the years, we featured vehicles that wore a set of winter shoes, and we can speak on the benefits of why you should have a set of them on your vehicle. If you know of someone who needs a set of winter tires, be a good friend or family member of gift a set! They’ll be safe for the holidays!

Various prices, depending on brand, type, and size. See your local tire retailer or TireRack.com.

HOTEL STAY: Sometimes, we think we can visit our friends and family only to find there is “no room at the inn.” There is always room at a nearby hotel. But, did you know that you can give the gift of a hotel stay for your weary traveler? For example, Marriott and Hilton have gift cards available for stays that cover all of their properties—from affordable accommodations to luxury hotels. Think about it: would you rather have an out-of-town guest turn out to be a bad house guest? Or, would you rather have a relaxed visitor to enjoy the holidays with? Besides, you can enjoy their indoor pool or whirlpool…

Various prices – you can order gifts cards by set value. Gift cards available through Marriott.com, Hilton.com, and other major hotel chains (NOTE: Gift card holders must present a credit or debit card at check-in and can use the gift card at check out).

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