Our Rides: Mercedes-Benz…at The Mall of America?


Sometimes, automotive consumers really want a space to look and, possibly, shop for their next vehicle.

While most dealerships offer a hassle-free, no-pressure environment, some customers hate the process of car shopping altogether. They are looking for alternatives to the process. They want a relaxed area to sit in a new vehicle and ask questions without having to give any information.

That is why temporary spaces were created out of available retail space at any given shopping center— otherwise known as a pop-up store.

The pop-up retail store is not a new phenomenon. We have had quite a few in the Twin Cities over the past couple of decades. For example, Chrysler has a storefront on the first floor of the Mall of America in the late 1990s. The store featured the hottest and latest models across a few brands: Dodge pickups, Jeeps, and a Chrysler to name a few. It is probably not the first such storefront to be established away from the brick-and-mortar dealership network.

In recent years, White Bear Mitsubishi established one over the holiday season inside the old Borders bookstore at Rosedale Center. Around the same time, Carousel’s two Porsche stores combined for a boutique pop-up store at The Galleria of Edina.

It is not just the automotive retail business that have created a temporary space to engage with potential customers and curious holiday shoppers. The new AutoMotorPlex garage condo complex in Medina took over a retail space next to Nordstrom’s at Ridgedale Center for an “experience center” to promote the next phases of construction at their Far West Metro location. The space also included other vehicles, such as the Polaris Slingshot and a couple of Indian motorcycles, alongside a trio of luxury automobiles from local dealerships. These were just to set the atmosphere of what you would find inside the garage condo complex.

Which brings us to the latest pop-up retail location at the Mall of America. Mercedes-Benz opened up their own display and pop-up store on the first floor in the north wing of the mall on May 9.

The space includes a set of Mercedes-Benz models available for closer examination. You might even get inside to see what they feel like—or, rather, fit. In addition, you can actually create your dream Mercedes-Benz inside their Design Immersion Studio. There are also multiple displays from the Mercedes-Benz Collection available for purchase on site. If you need assistance, a staff of product knowledge people can answer your questions about Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

The pop-up store is something shoppers can’t miss when they arrive through the new North entrance underneath the JW Marriott hotel. It is just to the left (or, the right coming from the mall itself) with a big three-pointed star greeting you. A new A-Class sedan awaits your arrival, as well. The newest small Mercedes-Benz is joined by a 2020 GLE SUV, a new Mercedes-AMG GT 4-door coupe, and an AMG SUV.

As for the Mercedes Collection merchandise, there is an array of apparel, personal accessories, and a few toy cars. Once you walk past the A-Class sedan, there is a red AMG SUV right for very young drivers. In fact, the performance sub-brand features quite prominently in parts of the store.

On the luxury side of three-pointed star, there is a small display of merchandise representing the Mercedes-Maybach subbrand. It comes as no surprise that they would be the most expensive goods inside the store.

Stepping inside Design Immersion Studio, you are greeted with two walls of paint samples and some leather swaths to let you feel what is possible for your next Mercedes. The left side represents the design line, a custom trim available on select Mercedes-Benz models. Standard colors dominate the right wall, which you can dream of that perfect color.

You can also see how good a performance driver you are by trying one of two AMG driving simulators. They are designed to show you what AMG performance is all about.

A computer is available for you to build your own Mercedes-Benz. Following the Build Your Own tool on the Mercedes-Benz USA website, you can select colors, interior packages, and other options. We admit in going a bit crazy at this station, with a deep blue Mercedes-Maybach S 650 sedan that eventually came to a final cost of over $220,000. That, by the way, is currently the most expensive Mercedes sold by the company.

Mall of America also mentioned that a couple more Mercedes-Benz models can be found display around the mall itself.

The Mercedes-Benz pop-up store is only open through August 18.

If you are considering a Mercedes-Benz, check them out at the Mall of America for a short time. Then, head to your local dealer to pick one up for yourself.

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