One-of-a-Kind Jeweler Announces Retirement; Big Sale Underway

Stephen Vincent (L) and Catherine Lehman (R). Photo courtesy Stephen Vincent Designs
Stephen Vincent (L) and Catherine Lehman (R). Photo courtesy Stephen Vincent Designs

Stephen Vincent (L) and Catherine Lehman (R). Photo courtesy Stephen Vincent Designs

Minneapolis – Dec. 18, 2019– Jewelry designer Stephen Vincent has traveled the world, learning the craftsmanship of handmade jewelry. What started years ago with silver “moon & star” rings at Renaissance Fairs, turned into a 44-year career as a goldsmith of fine jewelry. That’s why it’s bittersweet that Stephen Vincent and his wife Catherine, have decided to close Stephen Vincent Design after decades of serving the Twin Cities.

Big sale underway
Shoppers looking for storewide deals on jewelry can begin shopping right away. Stephen Vincent Design’s huge retirement sale is underway. Expect tofind beautiful jewelry that is handmade and of exceptional quality. Jewelry for sale includes everything! Diamonds, gemstones, and extraordinary Australian opal designs. All made with high-quality metals – Sterling silver, 18 karat gold, platinum, and palladium.The designs are very contemporary, with a clean-line aesthetic, and many pieces of one of a kind jewelry.

Stephen, 67, has been open about his nine-year battle with head and neck cancer, but it’s his positive attitude and love for his craft that gets him through the tough times. Although dedicated to his work, the demands of running the store day-to-day are taking their toll. “2019 is sooner than we anticipated for a closing, but Steve wanted to be pro-active about his retirement and close the shop on his timeline and terms. We need to focus on his health and our future.” Catherine said.

Modern Jewelry from Old World Traditions
Stephen Vincent Design is not just a jewelry store – it’s a living workshop. All jewelry is handmade through the forge and form technique – a rarity in today’s jewelry world. We make this style of jewelry from flat stock metals which are heated, hammered, and bent into shape, rather than using wax models and casting. It is one of the ways jewelry has been made for centuries and creates extremely durable and long-lasting jewelry. This unique style of jewelry is what has kept Stephen’s independently owned local business thriving for more than 40 years.

The majority of the business has always been custom orders. But not in the way you may think. “Before I met my husband, I thought custom jewelry was for the Elizabeth Taylors of the world” Catherine laughed, “But it’s really for anyone looking to expresses their style with a piece that speaks to them and will create and hold memories.”

Stephen Vincent in his workshop. Photo credit: Brandon Werth Photography

Serving the Community
The secret to success has been simple – provide service second to none and go above and beyond customer’s expectations. Since announcing the closing, the couple has seen a steady stream of customers from over the years coming in to wish them good luck in retirement and get “just one more memory…”.

Stephen and his wife have been active in charities over the years, including the Smile Network and Make-A-Wish. They are also proud to have worked with The Angel Foundation – a local charity that works with adults who are ill and struggling to provide for themselves and their families with help meeting mortgage payments and other essential costs.

Stephen and Catherine are grateful for the skill and dedication of their staff. “Marja and Elaine completely understand Stephen’s unique design process and dedication to customer service, and they keep our little corner of the world running! Along with our customers, they are truly our family.”

The store is located on the third floor of the Calhoun Beach Club and enjoys a fantastic view of the lake. Underground, heated parking in the Thomas Avenue parking ramp is available.

Want to go?
WhatStephen Vincent Design’s Retirement Sale
When: Currently underway
Where:Calhoun Beach Club – at the corner of Lake St & Thomas Ave. South
2900 Thomas Ave S 3rd Floor, Minneapolis, MN 55416

Underground, heated parking available. Thomas Avenue parking ramp.

Store hours: Sunday – Saturday, 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
More info.: 612- 338-1481

Contact: Catherine Lehman
612- 338-1481

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