Not Quite a Hoarder

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By Ed Roskowinski, CR

Although most of us wouldn’t qualify for an episode of Hoarders, I would venture to guess that nearly all of us have more stuff than we have places to store it.  After purging those things we really shouldn’t be hanging on to, how do we get additional storage for what’s left without adding on a room or renting a portable storage container?

It’s really about making the space you already have more efficient. One solution might be to convert an existing closet into a built-in storage cabinet. Compartmentalizing spaces increases efficiency and accessibility, while adding resale value to the home.

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The kitchen is a place where storage is king (or queen, if the case may be). Standard cabinet designs seem to have a lot of wasted space where things tend to get lost or forgotten. With some creative thought and a few specialized hardware components, creative cabinet storage can be realized. Upper and lower cabinet roll-outs allow access to those items tucked way in the back while bringing all items into full view.  Magnetic panels can be used to create easy access spice storage that keeps you organized and efficient.

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If you’re fortunate enough to have a walk-in pantry or closet in your home, it’s likely there’s ample opportunity to make that space function more efficiently. Is every possible space used effectively and is everything accessible? For sweaters, sweatshirts and many other items, drawers and shelves can be more efficient than hanging.

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Every home has unique spaces that are not being utilized to their full potential. By getting the creative juices flowing, most any corner of the home can be converted into functional storage.

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We all have a few things we need to purge out of our lives; that sweater that never seems quite right, the canning jars sitting idle in the closet waiting for the day we become more domestic.   But storing the things we love is an important function of any home.

Ed Roskowinski is General Manger and VP of Vujovich Design Build, Inc., a 35-year design build firm specializing in building and remodeling unique Twin Cities homes for unique homeowners.

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