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Spruce up your quarantine by updating your home with House Lift Inc., a Minneapolis-based home remodeling contractor.

September marks the ninth month of the coronavirus pandemic, which has taken nearly 200,000 lives and infected millions of people in the United States. As the virus continues its relentless rage through our country, many people continue buckling down in their homes—a.k.a. the place where they now sleep, eat, work, spend their free time, and communicate with friends and family via phone or video call. Since we’re all likely spending quite a bit more time in our homes this year than we might have anticipated (except for the valiant front-line workers who risk their lives serving the rest of us), I can’t think of a better time than now to give our living spaces a little extra TLC.

Do you love to cook or bake? Do you find relaxation in a warm bath after a long day of work? Do you enjoy getting lost in your favorite television show while curled up on the couch? Whatever space in your home is your sanctuary (or maybe all of them), House Lift Inc. can help you transform your home into a place you won’t mind spending quarantine in.

“We are a residential general contractor engaged in all forms of building and remodeling, from additions to your home, to updates on your basement, bathroom, kitchen, deck, porch, and more,” says House Lift Inc. President Randy Korn. “While House Lift serves the seven-county Metro area, our primary focus is south of both downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul, to the southern and western suburbs.”

House Lift Inc. has been breathing new life into homes around the Twin Cities since 1991, when a computer programmer who was interested in the remodeling industry decided to launch House Lift Inc. from his home with the help of two carpenters.

“We seamlessly blend old with new to create a safe, comfortable, better-functioning home. We have in-house carpentry staff, a project manager, an architect, and designers. Our sub-contractors have been with us for many years and excel in their fields of specialty,” says Korn.

Korn says they have ways of heating and covering the ground if they need to do any digging on additions, provided they know about the project before the ground freezes, making winter projects doable.

“Once the hectic holiday season is over, January is the perfect time for us to start a myriad of projects,” he adds.

While House Lift Inc. can handle all sorts of projects, Korn says their specialties include kitchen remodels with a bump-out for a mudroom, a second-story dormer addition to turn a bedroom into a full master suite with a walk-in closet and bathroom, rear and side-yard one to three-story additions, or adding a full second story to a rambler or 1.5-story home.

Whatever the project might be, Korn says he always recommends beginning with a specific budget in mind.

“Start with a budget in mind and have as many of your options selected prior to your project start date. Remodeling can be challenging to say the least. Be prepared to live with the mess, noise, and complications that can happen during a remodel,” he says.

He also says you’ll want to me sure you’ve shut off the water to outside faucets before beginning a project. Occasionally, they will also need you to clear the snow from your roof.

Regarding trends, Korn says he’s seen an uptick in folks looking to have their basements remodeled or to build small additions, which one can only assume has to do with the increase in people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are finishing a lot of basements and small additions to create more usable space for working and teaching from home, and with more people at home more often, adding another bath has become a popular project,” Korn says. “Your home should leave you feeling happy, safe, and comfortable.”

Fun fact about House Lift Inc.: the company’s building, which is located at 4330 Nicollet Ave., used to be the original home of Flyte Tyme Productions, the recording studio where Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis produced the music of greats like Janet Jackson, New Edition, Human League, and more.

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