Lavender’s Top Online-Only Stories of 2014


1. Online Magazine

Readers, whether local or from overseas, tune into the online edition of Lavender for a dynamic reading experience whether or not there’s a print edition available.

2. Big Gay News

Culminating the latest in GLBT world news, Big Gay News provides both editorial content and a daily podcast. This global news source has a Twitter following of nearly 70,000. Find your Big Gay News at @biggaynews.

3. Ride Review: 2015 Honda Fit

by Randy Stern
August 15, 2014
Between print editions, Randy Stern has been known to offer an online-only Ride Review every now and again. His take on the 2015 Honda Fit had readers saying, “Yes, please!”

4. Event Photography

Moving swiftly, Lavender makes the rounds to a remarkable number of GLBT events in the Twin Cities. Uploaded online shortly after, event photography continues to be a highlight of Lavender’s online presence.

5. Lav.fash™: Fashion Beach Party – Sexy in the Twin Cities Fashion Show

by Justin Jones & Brandon McCray
April 22, 2014
This fashion show couldn’t have come at a better time; Minnesotans were ready for a taste of warm weather and sunshine. Lav.fash’s interview with the creative director and stylist for the show had readers dreaming of summer.

6. Spellbinding Revival of a Tennessee Williams Classic

by John Townsend
January 16, 2014
Many tune in to see John Townsend’s take on local theater. His review of Orpheus Descending hailed the performance of a group of young actors performing a classic work with a profound depth of understanding.

7. 20% Theatre Continues its Inquiry into the Complexity of Gender

by John Townsend
February 14, 2014
With a look into 20% Theatre Company Twin Cities’ series of 25 short stage pieces created by 20% artists, John Townsend highlighted local perspectives that pushed the current ideas of gender. As he said, “So many different views are being presented, that you might call it an example of the democratization of performing arts.”

8. From Child Star to Music Artist: Blake McIver All Grown Up

by Shane Lueck
July 31, 2014
In a bit of blast-from-the-past nostalgia, child star Blake McIver (of Full House and The Little Rascals fame), released a CD and came forward with his coming out journey.

9. Young “Godspell” Cast Finds the Joy and Beauty at Theatre in the Round

by John Townsend
July 22, 2014
One of theater’s oldest and most beloved musicals found new life in the cast at Theatre in the Round. The vocalists and musicians did the story justice while raising it to new heights.

10. Sandra Bernhard Brings “Sandyland” to Minneapolis

by Shane Lueck
January 21, 2014
Whether you know Sandra Bernhard from Roseanne, Switched at Birth, or countless other credits to her name, you know her brand of humor. When her touring comedy act came to Minneapolis, readers loved the chance to get inside her mind with this interview.

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