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Taking a cooking class at Kitchen in the Market is somewhat similar to attending a class at any reputable retail-based kitchen, in that you can perfect your cooking techniques with the aid of local chefs, and jazz up your food repertoire. It’s how a Kitchen in the Market class is different that’s noteworthy. “We are a shared commercial kitchen space that never stops, and we’re located in a public market. That’s a very different feel,” begins Molly Herrmann, who co-owns Kitchen in the Market with Tracy Morgan. She continues, “When folks come in, they’re cooking alongside commercial chefs doing their thing, with commercial-grade equipment.”

Kitchen in the Market’s location inside Minneapolis’ Midtown Global Market has also had an immeasurable impact on the kitchen’s classes. Morgan explains, “The Cooking the Market class is such a great example. When you go to the grocery store, it’s about what’s freshest, what’s in season…it’s not a set menu—it’s cooking on the fly, and taking inspiration from the market.”

A full class list is available through their website, but highlights like Karaoke Cooking: Sing for your Supper, and Out in the Kitchen definitely create a more dynamic and social experience. “Every class is a party,” states Herrmann. “We have a good time, and we want people to view it as an evening of entertainment.” The Out in the Kitchen class is specifically designed with the GLBT community in mind as an interactive, welcoming place to learn. Some installments of this class benefit GLBT-friendly organizations, or may be loosely geared towards a gender identity. Morgan says, “It’s not a pickup joint, but a fun environment to get together and hang out.” She adds, “We did one called ‘Hangin’ with the Boys’. It was guy-centric, but it doesn’t have to be all guys. We had four girls at that one, and the next one is basically a party for Project 515, to talk a little about what they’re doing and spread awareness of their project.”

Classes range in price from free demos on the weekends to around $70 for a class involving a full meal and wine. But perhaps what makes Herrmann and Morgan the most proud of their new venture is the impact their kitchen has had on the market as a whole. Morgan concludes, “At its core, this business exists to help the other businesses in Midtown Global Market. It’s really exciting to be involved in the community in that way.”

Kitchen in the Market
Molly Herrmann, Tracy Morgan
920 E. Lake Street #107
Minneapolis, MN 55407
(612) 568-5486

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