2016 Holiday Gift Guide: John Mark


meltdownkimteeMeltdown Kim Tee
Someday we will tell our grandchildren about this woman. Keep the obsessions alive for years to come with this indulgent moment in popular culture, immortalized on a T-shirt. You wish you didn’t want this shirt, but unfortunately you do.



bluefauxfurstoleBlue Faux Fur Stole
People often ask me how they can keep their neck warm in the most decadent and indulgent of ways. Just kidding. No one has ever asked me that, but here’s your answer. Zara’s online store is a rabbit hole. Go get lost.


chichi-cardsChi Chi Digital Print
If you follow any of the RuPaul’s Drag Race queens on social media, you’ve undoubtedly seen the artwork of Chad Sell, a Chicago-based illustrator, known for his homoerotic renditions of superheroes and drag queen celebrities. His work is fun and particularly popular among the Drag Race fandom.
Chad Sell Comics


unicornNeon Unicorn
In life, people need food, water, shelter, and a glowing white neon unicorn for their desktop, shelf, ledge, or windowsill. It may sit just 14 inches tall, but this powerful little buddy lasts for up to eight years of continuous use.
Neon Mfg


kawaiisnapbackKawaii Snapback
This hat by NYC-based streetwear brand, ADEEN, is obnoxiously cute. Pink embroidered roses and sparkles will help you appear more approachable, while the hat itself will cover your bad hair day and/or bald spot. Talk about functionality. See you in the club.


salt-pepper-mohawkMohawk Salt & Pepper Shakers
Jonathan Adler knows the way to my heart. The clean and sleek design makes these a great gift for a retired punker. You know, someone who has resigned from subversive actions and now has two kids.
Jonathan Adler



dyriDyri Light Blue Candle
There are normal people and there are candle people. I transformed from a normal person into a candle person when I discovered this store online. Watching this reindeer melt into a skeletal nightmare is heartwarming.
Pyro Pet

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