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After a long day in the office, running errands, or taking care of the family, there’s no better feeling than falling into the warm, loving embrace of your bed. The way the soft sheets cling to you like a long-lost friend. The way the mattress is molded to perfectly curve around your exhausted body like a secret unbeknownst to the rest of the world. When you’re sad, you want to go home. When you’re tired, you want to go home. When you *need* to binge watch Shameless and curl up with a blanket and a glass (or bottle) of wine, the only place in the world you want to be is your home.

Our homes are more than just buildings to us, they are our friends: our safety, our comfort, and our personal paradise. Our houses are where we become ourselves, so it’s no wonder that people are increasingly investing in technology to protect their beloved safe havens.

From high-security cameras to remote controlled window shades, homes throughout the country are becoming more and more high-tech. According to Brian Arradondo, operations manager of Networks Cinema & Sound, the purpose of new technology used in homes is drastically different across regions of the United States, but overall it is gaining popularity nationwide. “In Alaska, where the longer periods of daylight can affect circadian rhythms, homeowners will be interested in controlled shades that open and close with the touch of a controller, so they can enjoy deeper and more refreshing sleep,” says Arradondo.

In the Midwest, controlled lighting, shades, security cameras, and HVAC are some popular items in high-tech homes. Controlled by an iPad mounted to the wall, these tools can be maintained on any Apple device the homeowner chooses. Because so much in-home technology is controlled by smart phones, tablets, and other devices, Arradondo recommends to securely protect your home’s Wi-Fi network and to password protect your devices.

An emphasis on home security has caused an increase in the incorporation of motion detectors and wireless cameras. These systems allow owners to be notified on their devices when movement is detected in or around a particular area of a house. Once notified, homeowners can use their mobile devices to stream the footage from their home’s wireless cameras. This way you can easily check in on your puppy, be aware of any suspicious activity near your house, or simply feel safer knowing that you went the extra mile on in-home security.

Arradondo recommends consulting an expert regarding properly upgrading your home’s technology. He says that people typically like to start small with smoke alarms, Nest cameras, and thermostats that connect to wireless mobile devices. By starting with these products, homeowners can familiarize themselves with the new technology around the home before getting more intricate security systems.

Outside of security, technology is used throughout homes for entertainment and convenience. From Bluetooth speakers that play throughout the house to voice recognition devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo, homeowners are using more technology in their everyday lives. They can program their shades, outlet adapters, door locks, and appliances to recognize their voices.

Our beloved homes are quickly becoming as secure and futuristic as they are cozy and personal. With so many new forms of technology to utilize throughout the house, it’s becoming an increasingly exciting world for the homeowner. “Some of the devices we are looking forward to are transparent TVs that have screens that remain transparent until they are turned on along with several other exciting products on the way,” Arradondo says. Stay tuned.

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