The Pluses of the Miinus Kitchen


Photos by VIP360 Dean Readel

Let’s be real, there are very few places that feel as much like home as our kitchens. It’s where we refuel after a long day, pour pots of highly caffeinated coffee down our throats on an early morning, pretend we’re contestants on Food Network’s Chopped, and spend restless nights rummaging through the fridge for a late-night snack. Our kitchens are the most important rooms in our homes because they arguably are our homes.

The folks at Puustelli USA understand how important our kitchens are to us, which is why they work endlessly to design the perfect kitchen for each and every one of their clients. Puustelli is known for its popular miinus kitchen, which is much more sustainable than the typical kitchen. “The Miinus kitchen concept is truly a kitchen re-invented in an important effort to support sustainable living. Miinus is built differently from start-to-finish,” says co-owner Anna Joula. “We’ve established data-driven ecological production methods and chosen the most ecological, healthy and sustainable materials to ensure our kitchens are safe for individuals and the environment.”

The Scandinavian kitchen company typically begins the design process with a client meeting in their showroom, followed by an in-home design consultation. This way they can design the most suitable kitchen for their client based on the existing layout, future wants and needs, what currently is and is not working in the space, and the client’s budget. “After your approval, we then begin the process of creating an amazing space with your budget in mind. Once we finalize design decisions, we create a contract and scope of work specifications tailored to your project,” Joula says.

After seeing great success in Finland, Puustelli recently decided to open its doors to clients in the United States, beginning with Uptown Minneapolis. “We had been looking for a perfect showroom location for our company since coming over from Finland in 2016. In the early spring of 2017, we found this amazing location. Uptown has an artistic feel and vibe, beautiful Lake Calhoun is only two blocks away, and we are immensely proud to have the very first Puustelli USA location here,” says Joula.

After opening on July 31, 2017, Puustelli’s new location has been very well received. Customers get a firsthand look at the sleek, modern Scandinavian designs, a face-to-face interaction with the design team, information about the variety of cabinetry and countertop options available, and a look at the latest Miele and Fisher & Paykel appliances. Additionally, Puustelli hosts events that allow clients to get to know the design team and learn how the company works.

At the special event on October 27th, you can experience a wine tasting and extraordinary food alongside our design team. We will be sharing design trends and before-and-after client case studies. You can also have an opportunity to take part in Nordic food demonstrations and sip on some extraordinary cocktails. We will also be featuring wellness ideas and some of the latest Nordic fashion,” she says.

Puustelli takes pride in the diversity of its clients’ backgrounds and lifestyles. “At Puustelli USA, home and family life are the core of our values—everyone is welcome. We are all inclusive and broad-minded. Many of our first clients and prospective clients are LGBT community members that found that our company, design team, and overall philosophy align well with their own values,” Joula says.

The design team at Puustelli has been noticing some upcoming kitchen design trends that seem to be getting increasingly popular. According to Joula, their Scandinavian dish drying cabinet is making its way into many clients’ kitchens. Also, their sleek, minimal, and maintenance-free ceramic countertops are one of their most unique—and most popular—items.

However popular they might be in the kitchen, Puustelli can also help with some design aspects of other rooms throughout the house. “ Our cabinetry systems are not only for the kitchen. We see more and more cabinetry in other areas of the home. Incorporating our cabinetry solutions into the way you live is our mission. Our cabinetry systems can perfectly suit any area in your home including laundry rooms, closets, mudrooms, home offices and bars, and display cabinetry,” says Joula. 

While the kitchen design process can seem a little intimidating at first, Joula wants all of Puustelli’s customers to know that they’re not alone. “Take advantage of our experienced and professional design team. We offer a complimentary in-home design consultation to each and every client, and we love to come and see your home and the way you are living in it. This is simply the best way to get started in your design process,” she says.

Whether you’re just moving in to a new house or ready to refurbish your permanent home, the Puustelli design team is always prepared to help. “Every season is perfect for the kitchen design process. There’s no better time than the present,” Joula advises.

Your home is your home because of your kitchen—the space you go to try a new recipe, the safe haven where you take comfort in trying your best Bobby Flay impression, and the room stocked with all of your favorite breakfast, dinner, and midnight snacks. Your kitchen turns your house into a home, but Puustelli is responsible for transforming your kitchen from a room into a retreat.

Visit Puustelli’s Uptown showroom at 1624 W Lake St., Minneapolis MN, 55408 or call them at  612-405-2227 to learn more. There is a special on Oct. 27 as well as regular hours on Mondays from 12-5 p.m., Tuesdays through Fridays from 9 a.m.-5 p.m. and Saturdays from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. For more information, go to

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