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The pool is an odd concept. A giant hole in the ground filled with water used for recreational swimming? Sounds pretty weird to me. The first pool “Great Bath,” built in modern-day Pakistan, is believed to have been used for religious purposes. Similar pools were built throughout Rome for public bathing and cultural traditions. However, it wasn’t until the 19th century that pools became unprecedentedly popular. Pools gained popularity as they were built to show social status and for public use and parties. Today, swimming pools are no foreign concept. From indoor pools to in-ground pools to full-blown water parks, pools are a big part of American culture. So why not bring the joy and sociability of a pool to your home?

The people at Performance Pool & Spa understand the at-home pool craze that has taken over the desires of homeowners nationwide, which is why they are willing to help with every step of the process of designing and installing your dream pool. Almost all properties can accommodate a swimming pool in their backyards, and with the help of Performance Pool & Spa’s engineering department, the size and type of of pool can be determined on-site. “One of our pool professionals can easily determine whether or not they can get a swimming pool in your backyard. A few simple questions and some quick research often verifies the possibility,” says Performance Pool & Spa’s lead sales consultant Nik Hawley.

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When considering installing a pool, research is the best way to begin the process. You should consider the overall goal you have for your space, and then a free on-site consultation with one of Performance Pool & Spa’s professionals can begin the designing process. An aspect of pool installation to consider is cost, but thanks to the increasing efficiency of pool pumps, heaters, and covering systems, owning a pool has never been easier. The cost of operation is significantly lower than it has been in past years, and the on-going maintenance is close to none with the help of automatic cleaners.

When choosing the type of pool that you’d like to install, the possibilities truly are endless. “The sky is the limit. From rectangle to kidney to completely custom free-form pools, we offer it all. Depending on the features that are important to the customer, we typically have a great recommendation for what will work best with their goals,” says Hawley.

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Currently, rectangular pools are a popular choice for customers of Performance Pool & Spa, which is likely due to the fact that rectangular pools use under-track automatic safety covers. This helps with heat retention, water chemistry, debris, and general pool safety. Also, wireless controls from a waterproof remote or iPhone app are popular features of the majority of pools installed.

Additionally, Hawley says that some concrete is always necessary to install surrounding a pool, regardless of size, shape, or location. Some projects lead to simple yard restoration while others expand into elaborate pool-scapes that incorporate retaining walls, planting beds, water features, and more. This can typically be decided throughout the process of installing a pool, but it can also be incorporated at the start of the process while designing a custom pool. “It all starts with a phone call or email inquiry. Whether it’s simply looking for a budget or getting ready to enter drafting design, we are happy to help everyone out,” Hawley says.

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The professionals of Performance Pool & Spa can be reached at 763-270-1180 or www.performancepools.com. Locations throughout Minnesota can be found on this website as well, or you can always schedule an on-site meeting for a professional to come to you.

Regardless of what a pool means to you (religion, social status, entertainment, or simply fun), the staff of Performance Pool & Spa are able to help you find the perfect pool to fit your landscape and your lifestyle. From traditional rectangles to custom-designed free-form pools, the options at Performance Pool & Spa are endless. So go ahead. Dig a large hole in the ground, fill it with water, and invite the neighbors over to enjoy the odd, yet incredibly appealing concept that is the swimming pool. Once you install your own pool, you’ll never want to dry off.

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