2016 Buyer’s Guide

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Two local businesses draw their inspirations and aesthetic from different sources, but each has something unique to offer the community. Pharmacie and Mona Williams, both relatively new and GLBT-owned, have an ever-evolving stock of products for the discerning buyer.


Located on Lyndale Ave., Pharmacie opened in Fall 2013. Couple Sam Beberg and Roger Barrett are both lovers of good design and have always wanted to open a space to showcase that passion. “It’s a ton of work, but it’s a labor of love for us,” Barrett says, who also does Exhibition Design at the Science Museum of Minnesota while Beberg also owns Hot Plate Diner in south Minneapolis.

The name Pharmacie came from the idea of a vintage corner store where you could find a variety of products for life, your home, or a small gift — anything from a bar of soap to a backpack to furnishings. “We’ve kind of reinterpreted that concept for modern life, but while still keeping that neighborhood character,” Barrett says.

Pharmacie’s offerings are focused on carrying small, independent designers and makers (both locally and around the U.S.). Barrett says, “We appreciate the value of humor and wit in life, and many of our products reflect that idea.”

Shopping Guide 7-pharmacie tatine celebration day candleCelebration Day Votive
By Tatine, made in Chicago
This soy 2-oz. candle is part of the Tisane collection, a lyrical interpretation of memories, moments, music, and emotions. Celebration Day offers notes of bittersweet orange blossoms, neroli, and pine bark. Tatine candles are an infusion of essential and perfume oils. This handcrafted, hand-wrapped candle allows for a 16-hour burn time and is packaged in 40 percent recycled heavyweight glassware.

Shopping Guide 9-pharmacie_ LOLL lollygagger_lounge_side_greyLollygagger Lounge Chair
By Loll, made in Duluth
When you slide in you’ll find all the angles feel just right and the two planes on the back add an unexpected level of comfort. The Lollygagger has an integrated bottle opener hidden underneath the sitter’s right arm just in case you get thirsty but don’t want to get up. Loll products are made with 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is the same material as the #2 plastics (i.e. mostly milk jugs) that you take out to the curb every week.

Shopping Guide 12-pharmacie_felt laptop bag MRKTEvan Commuter
By M.R.K.T.
The two-way Evan commuter transforms effortlessly into a unique tote bag to compact backpack with removable straps. Made of felt and vegan leather trip, the Evan commuter bag features a zipped exterior pocket and a removable media pocket that fits a small handheld tablet.

Shopping Guide 3-pharmacie diesel silverwareDIY Silverware Set
By Diesel Living
$68, set of four
The DIY is a stainless steel cutlery set crafted in the form of a wrench kit. Collaboratively designed by Diesel Living and Seletti, the exciting new collection includes a knife, a fork, a tablespoon, and a teaspoon, covering all of your everyday dining needs. Each piece is stamped with Diesel catch-phrase “FOR SUCCESSFUL LIVING.”


Mona Williams

The University Ave. boutique that curates couture expanded to the Mall of America with a storefront on the first level, between Nordstrom and DSW. Owner Patric Richardson says shoppers can expect more. “There’s simply more stuff: a larger selection of the brands that we’ve already carried and then new brands. There’s just more of everything.”

When the Kentucky native first came to Minnesota, the very first place Richardson went was the Mall of America. As he shares, people always say go with what you know, and he knows the Mall of America, having worked for 10 years in such positions as women’s designer apparel manager at Nordstrom. And as the only store in America featuring some of these brands, he says the Mall of America is the perfect venue, since even though he is excited to introduce these brands to American shoppers, the international crowds will recognize the brands.

“If I was going to open a second store, there is no place more iconic than the Mall of America,” he says. “It’s fashion on an international scale; there’s nothing else like it. It’s like having a store in Times Square, or in a Disney park. There’s nothing like it. Everyone knows where it is. It’s just so cool to be on an international stage.”

Shopping Guide _Mona Williams MG_4427Chelsea Hotel T-shirt
By Baum und Pferdgarten
After watching a Mapplethorpe documentary on the Hotel Chelsea, Richardson is understandably infatuated with the famed (and infamous) hotel. The Danish fashion house Baum und Pferdgarten immortalized the stomping grounds of musicians, writers, artists, and filmmakers in the form of a printed, jersey T-shirt.
Shopping Guide _Mona Williams _MG_4419Unisex Socks
By Dub & Drino
French brand Dub & Drino is not afraid of color. Stand out and heighten your sartorial game! Discover Dub & Drino’s colorful collection for women, men, and children. Anything from socks, tights, and leggings, to scarves gloves, or mittens are available in many patterns and colors, perfect to brighten up your outfits.
Shopping Guide _Mona Williams _MG_4407Medicinal Toothpaste
By Couto
This medicinal toothpaste played an important role in changing the oral hygiene habits of the Portuguese. Couto toothpaste not only cleans teeth, it disinfects the mouth as well. Thanks to its antiseptic properties it fights mouth infections and inflammatory conditions and prevents cavities. Not tested on animals and not containing any animal products, its formula is more concentrated that other toothpastes.
Shopping Guide _Mona Williams _MG_4414Glass Foam Buffing Stone
By BrüStone
This Minnesota-based company has created a pumice-like buffing stone made from 100 percent recycled glass beer bottles. But that’s not all it’s good for. Richardson discovered the stone is also effective in depilling sweaters!

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