Holiday Gift Guide: Ride Review


This year, I had the privilege of seeing a lot of products that would be useful for any vehicle owner. If you like to do things yourself, these gift items are just for you…

1. Car Wash & Detailing Items
This is something you can do yourself. All you need is a hose, a bucket, and plenty of great car wash and finishing items that make your ride sparkle and shine. Unlike a car wash, doing all of this yourself puts you in control of how you want the car, truck, or SUV to look. Plus, it prevents someplace else from damaging your vehicle—such as a car wash. There is no particular brand we recommend, because they all do a great job at their particular task. Ask an expert on what they use for their vehicle. Or, email Randy…
Items range from $1.99 and up.
Available at auto parts stores and larger retailers with an automotive section.

2. Tire Pressure Gauge
In the winter, you will see a particular warning light pop up. It is an amber colored one with a profile of a tire and an exclamation point. Although the owner’s manual states that you cannot operate the vehicle when the light pops on, you can see the condition of the tire and check the tire pressure. It is a simple instrument to use to plug into the valve stem of the tire to see how much is inside the tire. If you’re short, at least you know how much to pump inside your tires. Make sure you read the label inside of the door frame for specified tire pressures. Tire pressure gauges are available in various types. Choose one you won’t lose and can read easily.
Tire pressure gauges range from $.79 and up.
Available at auto parts stores and larger retailers with an automotive section.

3. Motor Oil
Many vehicles will experience oil loss due to driving through the years. No problem! You could always check the oil dipstick to see what the level is. If you’re short a quart, pour some in! If you actually do oil changes, get the exact amount the engine requires for optimal running—at the specified weight per your owner’s manual. Having at least a quart of oil will help keep your vehicle running through the years.
Quarts range from $3.50 and up. Five-quart jugs range from $19.99 and up.
Available at auto parts stores and larger retailers with an automotive section.

4. Gasoline Gift Cards or Prepaid Cards
Are you loyal to a particular brand of gasoline? Or do you have a loyalty program you use more than others for pumping gas into your vehicle? You can make things easier by getting a gift card from your favorite brand of gasoline. It could be a hedge against rising fuel prices, since you could also use your loyalty program that offers discounts at the pump. It is also an easy reminder to get gas at your favorite station when you run low. Give the gift of fuel to a family member or friend, that will help them through the holiday travel season.
Cards usually run a minimum of $20.00 to load up.
Available at various gasoline stations.

5. Tune-Ups and Seasonal Maintenance
You don’t have to do everything yourself! There are some things that a trusted shop or mechanic can do for you. The keys to a good mechanic are communication, knowledge, and understanding your vehicle and its idiosyncrasies. Once you connect with your mechanic, make an appointment. Not all mechanics can service your vehicle, but there are many who can.
Rates vary per location and service performed.
See our advertisers to inquire about rates and the kind of services they offer.

6. Swag & Merch
Do you love your vehicle? No, seriously, do you really love your vehicle? If you love your vehicle, then show your pride in your ownership! Most dealerships offer apparel items that you can wear at car meets or dinners with the club. Otherwise, you can find these items online through the brand’s website. And, not just wearable items! You can outfit your home, workplace, or get an umbrella from your favorite brand of automobile.
Prices vary depending on item.
See your local dealer’s parts department for assistance or search through the internet. We recommend getting ones that are backed by the manufacturer or brand.

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