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Grow fresh flavors for your table with veggies and herbs. Photo courtesy of Bachman’s

Bachman’s has all your gardening and landscaping needs for your home projects.

Like the rest of you, amid all the uncertainty and change of the COVID-19 pandemic, I have been trying my darnedest to find little happiness boosts. Probably also like a lot of you, I have found particular solace in two things: going outside and completing tangible tasks. I cram walks, bike rides, crafts, and baking adventures into the spaces that used to be filled with concerts, brunches, and coffee dates. Although I have not yet made the leap into home gardening projects; the increasingly warm, sunny days and the promise of a project that I will not immediately stress eat is, shall we say, attractive.

Chances are good that you have seen photos of flowers and plants being thrown away in mass quantities due to store closings, but as of April 11, gardening centers have been deemed an essential business and are open in Minnesota. I reached out to local gardening chain Bachman’s to get some advice on gardening and landscaping projects in the times of COVID-19. Ashley Hansen and Edith Renick, who work in the Landscape and Garden Services Department, were kind enough to provide me with enough insight and inspiration for all of us.

“Bachman’s Landscaping and Garden Services is open,” Ashley says. Due to COVID concerns, “indoor gift, home, and floral areas of stores remain temporarily closed.” Bachman’s is also asking “customers to respect that the first hour of each day be reserved for individuals who are at a higher risk of COVID-19,” she adds.

Of course, not everyone feels comfortable in stores these days, so Edith explained a few of Bachman’s other shopping options as well: “Customers can continue to shop online or call us to place orders for non-contact delivery and non-contact curbside pick-up.” 

Many gardeners, especially newbies like myself, rely on the expertise of the staff at a gardening center when first hatching gardening projects, which is a need Bachman’s is going above and beyond to fill with new digital content. Not only do they have a huge catalogue of how-to guides available on their website (look for the “Care, Advice & Information” section), they are also regularly hosting Facebook Live tutorials during quarantine. 

Ashley ran through the Facebook Live content the team has already covered, which ranges from “garden prep, lawn care, spring container planting, and how to plant a victory garden.” And, she adds, even “more workshops will be announced in May.” 

Bright spring blooms including primrose, cinneraria, pansies and cyclamen. Photo courtesy of Bachman’s

If you are looking for something a little more personalized, Edith encourages a digital meeting with a landscape designer. “Landscape designers are meeting with clients virtually to discuss outdoor rooms, patio updates, firepit projects” and more. Whatever project you have in mind, you can be sure that there is a designer who is ready to walk you through it, COVID-style.

As an apartment dweller myself, I asked what kinds of projects are available for those of us with limited space. Edith and Ashley immediately lit up with ideas, beginning with container gardening. “Container gardening is a ‘growing’ trend and is a great choice for those who live in small spaces. You can grow in all kinds of materials, including old coffee tins or shoes. Just make sure there is enough drainage, via a hole or two, at the bottom of the planter,” says Ashley. 

Flowers are a great option for container gardens, as are herbs and veggies. According to Edith, “Bachman’s has a fantastic variety of veggie and herb “starter” plants that can be popped into the ground or in a pot very easily. With a little sunshine and water, they will be ready for harvest in no time. Impress your friends with an herbie cocktail or a salad made with fresh veggies that you grew yourself!” Once quarantine is over, of course.

For those who do have more space to play with, play away. From full-fledged landscaping projects to box or victory gardens, Bachman’s has everything you need to keep yourself busy. If you already have plants, Edith says that now is the time to “clean debris, such as leaves, out of the garden beds to help ‘wake up’ the plants after a long winter slumber.” This is a project that Bachman’s can do for you, or that you can do on your own.

If you have been itching to get out in your yard, are looking for another new skill to develop under quarantine, or are just trying to grow your own produce, now is your chance. You can stay simple with a couple containers of herbs or go all out and completely reinvent your backyard, but whatever you do, there has never been a better time to get your hands a little dirty and grow something beautiful.

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