Don’t Lose Your Cool This Summer


Owens Companies CEO John Owens. Photo by Matt Weber

Owens Companies offers three tips you should take to make sure your air conditioner doesn’t break down.

Walking into a house or a business without properly working air conditioning is simply uncomfortable. If you have a home with an AC unit, there are some simple things you can do to ensure air flows at the temperature you want all summer long.

The advice is from John Owens, President and CEO of Owens Companies, a Bloomington-based company started by John’s dad, Bob, back in 1957. Bob was a pioneer in the industry, and much of what he did is now the standard today.

John started with the company in 1978, working nearly every single job. He has a passion and knowledge for HVAC systems. Owens offers up these tips:

Tip one: check your air filter and make sure to replace it.

So how often should it be replaced? “It depends on the filter and the environment,” Owens tells Lavender. “High quality may only be twice a year. Others monthly, at least in the summer months.”

A good time to replace is when you can see a film of dirt built up or if the filter material is beginning to bow in the direction of your unit. That’s a sign that the airflow is being restricted.

Tip two: clean the condensing unit outside.

Let’s start with the basics: what’s a condensing unit? Do not be too nervous, it is just a fancy term. “It is the part of the air conditioning system that sits outside,” Owens says.

And you don’t need fancy equipment to clean a condensing unit. “One can just take a garden hose and spray it down. If you see a lot of ‘crud’ coming out, you know it needed it.”

Owens Companies offers complete tuneups of residential air conditioning units. Photo courtesy of Owens Companies

The third tip: do a complete tune-up and not one of those $59 versions you see advertised in commercials.

“A professional technician can check refrigerant levels and performance. Not only will this ensure better comfort, it can have an impact on energy costs,” Owens says.

And Owens says to be weary of those inexpensive tuneup deals. “It is a published fact that contractors use the cheap tune-up to get in the home and find a repair on average of $300 or a much needed replacement on average of $4,000-9,000.They look for ways to make more money.

John Owens’ tips come with decades of experience. For over 60 years, Owens Companies has made it their mission to help existing building run better.

Upgrades in technology have immensely changed how Owens Companies operates. “We have been in the energy management business for over 45 years. This means installing computerized automation systems which today can be accessed from an iPhone. We can access buildings remotely and change a temp or open a damper to resolve an issue without having to send a technician to the building,” Owens says.

A vast majority of Owens Companies’ focus is on commercial properties, but they do offer complete tuneups of residential air conditioning units. They also offer 24/7 emergency services. You can connect with them by calling 952-854-3800 or going to

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