New Today, Old Tomorrow


Emuble Furnishing, a Minneapolis-based vintage furniture store, sells more than just furniture.

At Emuble Furnishing, the outdated, the has-been, and the so-yesterday are more than welcome. Owned by Mike Kranz and Jose Rivera, Emuble Furnishing has something for every sense of style… and every time period, too.

“We have a saying… what is new today is old tomorrow. The pendulum always swings back. Forty years ago, no antique enthusiast would have made an investment in mid-century,” Kranz says.

Emuble brings in furniture, clothes, and appliances from all over the country. Photo courtesy of Emuble Furnishing

With a mission of offering the largest variety of vintage and antique items that are “as unique as the customers themselves,” Kranz says their philosophy is to present a large variety of items in their inventory in a curated setting that is easy for the customers to browse.

Kranz and Rivera both have more than 45 years of retail experience in the antique and vintage business. They combined previous experiences and philosophy together to create a shopping experience unique as the store itself.

Emuble offers a staggeringly huge inventory of vintage clothes. Photo courtesy of Emuble Furnishing

“We have one of the best varieties of antique and vintage items in one store. We offer true vintage clothes from the 1930s to the 1990s, including belts, shoes and boots, and hats and t-shirts,” Kranz says. “We also have vintage stereo equipment, original art and posters, kitchen items, furniture, collectibles, used bikes, lamps, records, camera equipment, and just about everything vintage.”

Emuble offers a full delivery service for those big pieces of furniture that can’t be lugged home right away. Photo courtesy of Emuble Furnishing

Though Emuble Furnishing likely has whatever it is you’re looking for on any given day, they’ve definitely earned their fame through their specialty: furniture.

“Our furniture is as unique as the store itself. We have new, vintage, and antique furniture from all periods including the popular mid-century,” Kranz says. “Our master craftsmen have renovated many of the pieces of furniture on our sales floor. From new upholstery, refinishing, and newly painted items ready for your house or decorating projects.”

The furniture sold at Emuble runs the gamut from new to vintage to antique. Photo courtesy of Emuble Furnishing

Kranz says their abundance of furniture is clear when a customer enters the story. In fact, the lower level boasts 3,000 square feet of just furniture and rugs. If you’re in the market to update (or backdate) your furniture, there’s no need to figure out how to lug the heavy pieces home; Emuble also offers a full delivery service.

Though Emuble Furnishing has proven to be a hit among all sorts of Twin Cities residents, Kranz says the GLBT community always has a presence in their clientele, employees, and more.
“The GLBT community is a very large part of our business. We work with collectors, artists and designers from the GLBT community,” Kranz says.
Emuble Furnishing’s home base of Minneapolis doesn’t limit their stock to in-state antiques and vintage goods. Bringing in items from all over the country, Emuble Furnishing is perfect for the antique lover looking to step outside of their average Midwest antique shop.

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