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Siwek Lumber is ready to help with any of your winter projects, from furniture making to remodeling.

I feel like the coronavirus pandemic has put most of us into one of two categories: There are those of us whose quarantine-induced boredom has led to a new dramatic haircut, maybe some temporary hair dye, or a new piercing. And then there are those of us who have deemed quarantine the ideal time for a drastic life change, from adopting a new pet to remodeling the entire house.

Whether you’re rockin‘ some newly purple’d hair, or you’re sitting in a completely torn-up kitchen, wondering at what point the remodel went from buying some new plants to redoing your flooring—the pandemic has offered a fresh start in many ways. So whatever it is that quarantine has given you the gall to try, go for it! And if it’s something as life-altering as a home remodel, Siwek Lumber can help with that.

During the Great Depression in 1933, Joseph and Frances Siwek began what is now Siwek Lumber & Millwork, Inc. Though unemployment was at an all-time high, the couple decided to take a gamble and start a new business.

Siwek Lumber is a retail lumberyard, millwork center, custom shop, and a hardware store that serves everyone—including homeowners, craftspeople, artists, woodworkers, manufacturers, business owners, hobbyists, crafters, and the DIY crowd.

“Our custom millwork shop recreates old wood storms, screens, sash, mouldings, and doors,” says Siwek Lumber owner Tom Siwek. “Our winter projects include furniture making, interior remodeling, interior doors and trim, planning for outdoor projects and summer projects, and more.”

Siwek says folks often think that working outside isn’t possible in cold months, but he wants customers to know that there are many working days through the winter.

“Winter is a great time to work in the garage or basement shop on hobby projects you’ve put off for years! Woodworking is something anyone can do and succeed at,” Siwek says. “Desks, tables, bedframes, dressers, and more. The biggest tip I have is to make sure it fits up the basement stairs after building!”

To accommodate customers while still taking necessary COVID-19 precautions, Siwek Lumber has installed social distancing counters that are six feet deep, and they’ve also widened the main aisles in the outdoor sheds and warehouses for easy navigation and social distancing. There are also sanitization and cleaning procedures in place to ensure the space is clean for customers.

“We are an amazing asset with a huge variety of building materials with expert help and ease of shopping, Siwek adds.

If a hair cut isn’t enough change for you these days, maybe a new statement piece of furniture will do the trick. It’s worth a shot!

For more information about Siwek Lumber, visit siweklumber.com.

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